What Would You Do With A New Elder Scrolls Game?

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There's rumours up dale and down hill about a new Elder Scrolls, even though Bethesda has said publicly that they don't just want to make Fallout and Elder Scrolls games.

But there will be a follow-up to Skyrim eventually. So let's play hypothetical developer for this week's Big Question. You're in the planning phase for Elder Scrolls VI. What do you do with it?

You've got a range of planes and realms to choose from: if you wanted, revisiting High Rock and Hammerfell to recreate Daggerfall (or follow on from the events of that game) could even be an option. If you're after new places that haven't been properly visited, there's always the Summerset Isles - elves are always popular - and the home of the Argonians and Khajiit.

Merging some of the realms is a possibility as well, although giving Elder Scrolls some kind of a space-faring element could be cool. Like taking Oblivion gates from star to star.

But let's say you're in control of the future Elder Scrolls direction. Where do you go, and what do you do with it?


    Make an MMO out of it... oh wait. But seriously at least drop-in, drop-out co-op like Borderlands would be awesome. In terms of setting it would be cool to see more people play around with the idea of a Fantasy society that had reached the same technology level as the modern day rather than opting for the standard medieval or "science-fantasy" settings.

      Incorrect. The game doesn't need multiplayer.

        The only reason I didn't get Kingdom Come Deliverance was because all I would want to do in that game (and the Elder Scrolls titles for that matter) is make a wandering band of heroes or brigands.

        It doesn't NEED it but that doesn't stop the community from attempting to mod it in with varying degrees of success so there's obviously some demand for it. I think 2-4 player co-op would be pretty neat at least.

        Correct. Solid single player games should stay that way.

    Until the mmo announced the summerset xpac I was calling ESO VI :Alinor as the big thing, feels like they've been leading into a big war/ revolution thing between the Tamriel empire and the Aldmeri Dominion for a few games now. Now I'm not sure, maybe black marsh, maybe across the desert where the blades originally came from.

    Once they announced Summerset Isles for ESO, my main idea for the next mainline game went away.

    That said I think Elsweyr would be a great location. It has rocky mountains, desert badlands, dense jungle and woodlands. The Khajiit have great architecture and could make for a fascinating story. The south is open to the ocean, making for options for port cities, shipping and receiving - I imagine a skooma quest or two...

    You could even add portions of High Rock or Valenwood if you wanted.

      I thought Summerset too but now i'm learning towards Hammerfall as a Skyrim 2, I don't think we'll see a Elder scrolls sequel but more a seqto Skyrim if that makes any sense, The real question is "After Fallout 4, Would you even bother to play a Bethesda game?" The declining slope of quality for Bethesda has always been downward facing but with Fallout 4 & it dipped greatly.

    Skyrim had a significant portion of it devoted to the Falmer, so maybe time to expand on the history and fate of the Dwemer?

      YES! IT IS TIME!
      Stop toying with us, Bethesda. Give us a game set in the last days of the Dwemer empire. Let us have a hand in their disappearance. This mysterious event has been touted as one of the most important and influential of Tamrielic history. Let us be part of it. And, as much as I loved ESO, not another of those. Not another game where I'm the Chosen One but so are a thousand or so other people; WE want to be the key player in such as great event.

      I hope I didn't just describe Morrowind... I still haven't gotten that deep into my backlog.

        Would be a chance to introduce some new gameplay too, give the dwemers’ tech-friendly and anti-magic tendencies (remember that spell-reflecting dwemer shield from Skyrim? Sick).

          "Spellbreaker". Yep. Loved it. Also looks great on my wall.

    Valenwood/Elsweyr is what i want.
    As far as the story goes. Id like to take down the Thalmor.
    But i wouldnt mind something that really addresses the dwemer as well.

    I wanna see Dwemer. If it were up to me, the game would be centred on delving into the earth, where the last Dwemer have made their hidden cities.
    Nobody wants to just see caves though, so it would have a reversed dungeon feature: Main world would be underground, dungeon areas are outdoors on the surface.

    I'd open the gameworld up again, maybe not to the extent of Arena, but at least don't center it on one race's territory. Valenwood and Elsweyr are right next door to each other, cut Cyrodiil in half and throw Black Marsh in there too.
    I would NOT put online in there, not even co-op. That's what ESO is for and it's why I don't play it.
    More lore of the ancient Dwemer, maybe a quest chain like the one in Dishonored 2 where you can use a tool/magic to go between time.
    I'd bring back spell crafting/item enchanting, more spells in general, like back in ES III: Morrowind.
    I'd bring back all the items variations like in Morrowind, each piece of armour all being separate again, and we can wear TWO rings and a necklace, and we can enchant ALL OF IT. If I want to enchant my boots to leap across the land I should be able too.
    More variety in the dungeons, more paths to take, make it easy to get lost in them.
    Lose the fast travel, and lose all the map markers in the compass bar on the top. Make exploration necessary.

    I'm dreaming.

      You're only dreaming at the end there about losing fast travel and map markers. Maybe make those optional or part of extreme difficulty or survival mode. The rest was spot on. Speaking of dreaming, we need more dream sequences. Or drug trips. Those parts of the game where, for whatever reason, reality is warped and things can just get weird. And make this a regular mechanic in the game that can be initiated from certain locations to 'unlock some hidden secret within the character' or have them learn something about themselves; not just a one-off use that we never get to enjoy again.

    How about now that technology has increased do what Arena and Daggerfall did - have the whole continent. A story about the various regions re-banding together to drive out the Thalmor. I know a civil war was done in Skyrim but the escalates it into almost a world war.

    Inventory needs to addressed. We need an auto-sorting mechanic. Say, the player goes into their purchased home and can allocate specific criteria (ie. scroll, keys, all weapons, weapons: swords, weapons: swords: steel, and so on) to any container in their home. Have a unique chest right inside the front door or each main door that, when activated, goes to the player's current inventory and adds a Store All feature to the root inventory screen as well as to each item category that automatically sorts and stores all unmarked and unequipped items from their entire inventory or just a selected category into the aforementioned containers according to the criteria that the player set up. Any items that don't match a currently allocated criteria set get stored in a central chest for manual sorting. Finally, add a tiny marker feature in the player's inventory, much like Skyrim's Favourites markers, that the player can assign to any specific item to prevent it from being removed when they activate the Store All chest.

    Also, fix the inventory so quest items can be removed once they are no longer required for any quests.

      There is a Skyrim mod called Adventurer's Basement that does this really well.

    I would like to see:
    - an engine that doesn't absolutely suck. Your engine is crap Bethesda and you need to dump that shit and move with the times. You know something that can run at any framerate and not break because your coding is up to spec?
    - a game that can stand in it's own two feet and is released with content that is suitable for the era and doesn't rely on users to fill the gaps or fix your poor 128x128 textures.

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    Probably explain somthing about what happened to the Dwemer. Maybe something like they never actually left but are in the soul gems you find inside dead Dwemer constructs.

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    Would love to see a new Skyrim..but this year will ne the Space IP for sure.

    100's of NPC's in cities, a proper procedural quest system, multiplayer, a storyline that is good (the main quests in Bethesda games always feels like a distraction from some of the great side-quests)

    the next game would be set in either Elsewere or Blackmarsh.
    The map would be 3x as large as skyrims but with only the same number of locations as skyrim. All cities and town would be open like in Morrowind, not closed like Oblivion and Skyrim
    Crafting skills would still be in the game, but no longer contribute to leveling. However Acrobatics would come back as a leveling skill.
    Stats would make a return and perks would grant actives and passives
    Magic would work one of two ways, either spells cost a large amount of magicka but magicka is recovered much much faster, or they cost a small amount and it recovers very slowly.
    Magic damage now also scales with skill line and level. Healing spells now also damage undead and daedric enemies.
    Spell crafting also comes back in a way by allowing you to combine different spells into new powerful spells (firebolt+frostbolt= frostfire bolt)
    All melee attacks would use stamina. Melee would be overhauled to bring it upto todays standards (combo chains, special moves etc)
    Crafting would only grant powerful gear by getting reciepes from powerful enemies, bosses and special quests
    a much greater variety of enemies, monsters and wildlife along with massive increase in variety of weapons, armour and clothing. spears, polearms, throwing weapons and crossbows would be back. Alchemy would be able to create throwable potions/poisons/grenades
    the game would also have 2 different UI. once designed for a controller and one designed for mouse and keyboard which could be swapped between the two.
    We would finally be able to fucking climb ladders. seriously in every single BGS game using the gamebyro engine, we have not been able to to climb ladders. we can't even climb ladders in fallout 4

    I think we all know exactly what the next ES game needs...

    Horse armour.

    In response to your question, What Would You Do With A New Elder Scrolls Game?
    My answer is... Play it

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    I assume they'll need the creation-club not-modders to get plenty of advance time with the engine so they can do a pre-emptive virtual land-grab on any good TES/Fallout mods from the past, in order to make sure they aren't later modded into TES 6 by filthy unpaid modders, precluding Bethesda from keeping their idiotic promise not to post existing mods.

    I was playing Skyrim SE just last weekend and I am fucking keen as mustard for another massive Elder Scrolls, but unless something dramatic changes about the industry's current trajectory of fuck-awful monetization negatively impacting gameplay elements or even outright design, then the next entry in the franchise may very well be brilliant, but will be saddled with some heinous, unnecessary, money-focused horse shit.

      (And no, "Good news, our upcoming point-and-click adventure game doesn't contain lootboxes!" promises from indies/AAs, and, "Chill guys, it's only cosmetic!" signalling and platitudes aren't indicating SHIT about a shift in the underlying principles at play; Battlefront2 style walk-backs are in no fucking way anything other than a step back and maybe to the side on the path of total consumer exploitation as the corporate giants take a breath and consider for a moment how best to achieve their goal without us noticing so much.)

    I could think of a tonne of things. However I am a sucker for big maps/worlds.
    Why not try to combine an engine such as Outerra or similar, to create a procedural planetary scale Elder Scrolls adventure. It means you could stuff all of Tamriel in there, and mess around with time periods too. Gameplay would be Morrowind or Skyrim style. Modding would hopefully still be available so people can make other realms or different planets, cross timelines etc.

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