What Would You Put In A Video Game Theme Park?

What Would You Put In A Video Game Theme Park?
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Universal’s partnership with Nintendo is kicking along, and we’re not that far away from people being able to enjoy Mario a little more in the real world.

And hey: it’s a great idea. Nintendo has a lot of stuff that’s perfect for theme parks. But what if you had a park that was expanded to all video games, not just Nintendo?

That’s the hypothetical for this week’s Tell Us Dammit. Imagine you’ve got all of Nintendo at play. But you can throw Uncharted into the mix too. Want a section for Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy? Done.

For intents and purposes, let’s keep video games that were inspired by film/other franchises off the table. So no Jurassic Park. There’s enough coasters of that variation already. And no Harry Potter.

I feel like anime is a fair crossover, however, so VR Evangelion rides are definitely on the table. I think you could have a cracking park with a mix of 4D Resident Evil rides, a laser tag-style exhibition built around Metal Gear Solid where users get scored at the end, a super-fast Sonic rollercoaster, obviously some Mario Kart, and a huge installation for The Elder Scrolls where people could sit and eat.

If you were making a video game theme park, what would you create?


  • Why not all of them? Assuming no licensing issues of course.

    VR and AR give the potential for any theme to be applied, with the same ride being able to be themed any way you want. Want that coaster to be rolling through Sim City? Sure, go ahead. How about a CoD setting instead? Why not, just load up the relevant graphics.

    That’s what I’d do. Build a setup that had the same base modelling, and just skin it according to the customers wishes, then live the VR dream.

      • Hehe, glad someone got it 🙂 Seriously though, its the sort of thing that’s starting to happen anyway. We aren’t quite there, but we’re getting closer.

        VR and AR have huge potential on a lot of rides, whether its AR helping with something like the horror Its a Small World ride, or VR having sharks or dragons (your choice) giving the jump scare on a coaster. VR rides already exist, only without multiple skins, so I don’t think its a huge stretch to see it happen on a bigger commercial scale.

  • Basic Braining from psychonauts would be a trip
    Donkey Kong jumping castle
    Rampage themed knockdown games
    As you say Mario cart is no brainer
    F-Zero rollercoaster

  • As soon as I saw the headline, I immediately thought of Nuka-World from Fallout 4. A real version of the haunted house would be pretty awesome.

  • Rapture. Bathosphere leading to an underwater haunted house. Like duh.

    A big old Katamari Park, where you roll one of those balls you get inside and just bowl over some oversized stuff.

    Grim Fandango park where it’s always Los Dias de los Muertos.

  • I’m surprised that no one’s been “That Guy” yet so I’ll avail myself of the opportunity. I would put microtransactions in my theme park and nickel and dime everyone. Then there’ll be loot boxes that could contain a ticket to ride the super cool VR coaster or you could get the more likely ticket to the MMO Queues ride. Some rides will be multi part too but you’ll have to pay for DLC to get the full experience.

    I’m sure everyone will love riding the lag coaster which starts and stops randomly and who wouldn’t want to have a go on Rushed Release where half the ride doesn’t work and the other half is overpriced for what it is? Ultimately though the drawcard of my park that would have everyone lining up at the gates would be Molyneux’s Dream where everyone sits in a stadium watching an acorn grow into an Oak tree.

    • LOL, randomised tickets in lootboxes. Can picture that in Disneyland, where the kids want at ticket for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, only to get Its a Small World.

      For the 12th time…

      What could possibliy go wrong?

  • Rollercoaster Tycoon themed park. 🙂

    But in all seriousness, a theme park would want the biggest franchises, and Nintendo has that. Something that played with perspective, like perhaps a mirror showing you coming out of a portal as you entered one on a single rollercoaster train, the laser turrets and things like that – put it in a dark ride, have a few unexpected drops, add a glados who taunts you all ride, you could even have portal guns on the train, just like toy story mania. Thats my dream.

  • I’d have people try to find Carmen Sandiego. You’d have an app and need to follow clues the app gives you to find out where she is in each part of the park and when you figure it out you’d arrive at the scene and use the AR part of the app (like in Pokemon Go) to “catch” her and earn an “arrest” in your app’s casebook or something, and if you find her at all the locations in the park then you’d win some kind of reward you could claim at the gift shop or something. (Because getting people into the gift shop means they might spend money there too.)

  • I’d like to see some large scale animatronics like the Kong my old crew at Creature Technology put together for the Orlando Universal studios Reign of Kong ride.
    This guy is 6 metres tall and roughly 1000% more impressive than he appears in the video.

    I think Shadow of the Colossus might be a good contender, but there’s any number of massive enemies that’d be cool to see as huge robotic puppets.

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