Yarr Like An Aussie Pirate With Blackwake For $10

Yarr Like An Aussie Pirate With Blackwake For $10

If Sea of Thieves wasn’t a visceral enough rendition of the pirate life for you, then the Aussie-made Blackwake might be your cup of tea.

Blackwake is an Aussie indie that’s been in development since 2013. Mastfire Studios took the game to Kickstarter for more funding, and after an initial failed campaign they were able to raise over $100,000 in 2015.

Blackwake Is The Next Big Australian Kickstarter Success Story

The combination of Pirates in the Caribbean and naval battles has done brilliantly for Tyler Newton and his team, with the multiplayer FPS project surpassing six figures and its original target ten-fold.

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The game has been kicking along in early access for just over a year, with a 89% user rating from just over 7800 reviews. There’s a maximum player count of 54 players, with some ships supporting a crew of up to 16. And until tomorrow afternoon, you can grab the indie for $US10 from Chrono.gg, about half price from its RRP on Steam.

Version 3.0 of the game came out a month ago, with new ships, the ability to attack and defend forts, and naval combat that’s substantially more involved than what you’d get in Sea of Thieves.

But for a better understanding of what a session of Blackwake is actually like, enter stage left, streamer and YouTuber SovietWomble.

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  • I saw this as a bit of a let’s play months ago by a YouTube’s, best at nothing.
    It looked like a great little multiplayer but I never took note of the name of it.
    Then sea of thieves came out I’m like what the hell have they done to this game, it used to look so cool… oh wait.

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