Young Geralt Mod Gives Me Complicated Witcher Feelings

Young Geralt Mod Gives Me Complicated Witcher Feelings

A buddy of mine, playing The Witcher 3 for the second time, is going nuts with mods this time through. He sent me an email the other day: “Have you seen this mod that turns old-arse Geralt into young Geralt?”. No, I had not.

Now I have. And I kinda wish I hadn’t. But am also glad. It’s complicated.

Half the appeal of The Witcher 3 is that Geralt is a surly old man! He’s seen some shit, done some shit, and lived to tell the tales. His gruff outlook on life, realised both through his amazing in-game model and some stellar voice work by Doug Cockle, present a character that is as worn and weary as the world of The Witcher itself.

The mod – created by Atherisz, and available here – undoes much of that by showing Geralt as a young, sexy lil’ Witcher. Like he’s an extra in the original Highlander. Or a genderbent CIri cosplay. Or a Norwegian model doing a “Black Metal in the bathhouse” shoot for a fashion mag.

It’s strange to behold. But also fine. Because he’s gorgeous. So fresh.

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  • Fine, but it kinda ruins the narrative. The older, wiser, slightly battle damaged Geralt drives a lot of the underlying story.

    Might as well install a Mod that turns him into Gumby or Groot.

  • I think that looks fantastic. Having said that I always thought CD Projekt was cheating on the source material, more and more through the series. Geralt is supposed to look emotionally dead and just kinda cadaverous in general, thanks to those mutations, so more like that scaryass looking Geralt from Witcher 2. In 3 he’s super-expressive and, even before the mod, he’s very much more handsome. To be fair the books seem to cheat on the emotionless quality of Geralt all the time too.

  • I was hoping for a bit more of an article than what is essentially this:

    “Witcher young Geralt mod available here”.

    I mean, ‘Now I have. And I kinda wish I hadn’t. But am also glad. It’s complicated.’…. Expand please? I love the Witcher. I want to hear in depth discussions.

  • I mean with the elven haircut even classic geralt doesnt look that old, and hes like a 100 years old

    if anything they should make a old man geralt mod, old man logan wolverine him up with 600% more grizzle and gruffness

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