Another Tourist Crashes Real-Life (And Totally Unofficial) Mario Kart In Tokyo

Screenshot: TV Asahi, 2ch

Last night in Tokyo, a 30-something-year-old tourist from Singapore made a wrong turn, driving a rental MariCar (the go-kart company that Nintendo is suing for copyright infringement) up on the footpath and crashing it into a restaurant sign. This is not a first.

Previously, Kotaku reported that another tourist crashed a MariCar into a police box.

In a separate incident, a Taiwanese national was arrested earlier this year after an alleged hit-and-run while driving a rented go-kart. The injured cyclist needed several weeks to recover.

As can be seen in these tweets, during this latest incident there were drivers dressed as Mario and Tigger. Is that Wario behind the wheel? Or a Minion?

Thankfully, the driver only sustained minor injuries and no pedestrians were hit. It looks like the sign was not so lucky.

The accident made the national news in Japan, including TV Asahi.

Screenshot: TV Asahi, 2ch

Screenshot: TV Asahi, 2ch

Rental go-karts started appearing on the Tokyo city streets in around 2013. Since then, they have become increasingly popular with tourists, but less so with locals.


    Poor bugger must have slipped on one of Donkey Kongs banana peels.

    how is this company legally allowed to operate on the streets?

    I used to think these were neat until I started seeing them driving around in heavy traffic. Not only loud but in places like Shibuya they cause a stampede of foreign tourists running onto the road to take photos with them etc. Pain in the ass for anyone who actually lives there and needs to go about their daily life.

      Which is why japan's trying to get them banned, I've never had an interest in them they look super dangerous, sure if the driver is competent fine but if not they'll get themselves killed.

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