Community Review: Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition

Quite a few people were rapt at the idea of slaying hundreds of foes with Link's trusty sword, so it makes sense to cover Hyrule Warriors for this week's Community Review.

Whenever I see a game being ported to the Switch that often fills the screen with foes, my heart always sinks a fraction. It's well known that the CPU really isn't the strongest as far as the Switch's hardware is concerned, and the more enemies that have to be drawn on screen and tracked, the more I worry.

Things might have been fine had the developers maintained the 30fps cap for the Switch, but they didn't. Instead they went for a 60fps cap, which the Switch struggles to maintain according to a quick framerate comparison:

To be fair, this isn't a huge surprise. The New 3DS port of Hyrule Warriors did a better job of maintaining a stable frame rate than the Wii U port. Dynasty Warriors 9 had performance issues at launch earlier this year, too. And I don't know that I'd risk the added chugging of split-screen multiplayer.

The Warriors formula works well enough and the take I've seen across my feeds is that people are content enough with the Hyrule package. It's still more a game about managing zones than waves of enemies, due to the lack of a challenge they pose.

But the Warriors series has always been a bit of a power fantasy just repurposed in different settings, rather than a genuinely challenging action-RPG. You're a god amongst mere mortals, charging up your power metre until you can unleash nuclear-sized attacks on the battlefield.

How have you found Hyrule Warriors on the Switch though? And did you play the original on the Wii U or 3DS, or is this your first time on the musou rodeo with Link?


    Contemplating buying it. I haven't played either of the other releases, and I enjoyed playing Dynasty Warriors on the PS2.

    My other option is perhaps Skyrim. Didn't get too far into that game before, and the switch allows me a bit easier time to get gaming in.

    Hyrule Warriors looks like it may allow for some quick pick up, play, and put down gameplay, whereas Skyrim seems like you need to put yourself in for a decent period (or end up with a bunch of incomplete quests because you forgot what you were doing).

    Not sure if I'd get into this due to the context.. slaying hordes of baddies just doesn't seem very Zelda like..

    Remake of the old LOTR games would fit the context well!

    Whelp, I'm a sucker for Dynasty Warriors games, and my switch doesn't have enough games on it at the moment, so there's not much I can do other than grab it...

    I’ve picked it up & am enjoying it to a point...

    Played the heck out of Fire Emblem: Warriors and although Hyrule beats it in some aspects I actually think the gameplay is a *little* behind the FE offering?

    Either way they’re both about trashing hundreds of enemies & as most people will be more familiar with Zelda i’d push them towards that? I love both series and think FE just shades it if that helps anyone out there (although fans of the older titles may be disappointed in lack of some characters & cloned movesets are an irritant).

    I had only played the 3DS version previously and bought all the DLC for it, but I was on board for the Switch version as soon as it was announced because I wanted to play the game on a bigger screen and with sharper graphics and less hand cramps.

    While I wish it had a bit more new content (like a story mode based on Breath of the Wild, or at least a new Adventure Map) I'm really happy with the Switch version, there's enough to do to keep me occupied on public transport for the next year.

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