Fortnite's New Hop Rocks Are Making The Game Wild

Not a sticky sweet or an obscure club drug, Fortnite's new hop rocks are popping off in the survival shooter's gameplay.

The hop rocks, which developer Epic Games introduced yesterday, are a consumable item players can find in Fortnite's new Dusty Divet crater. After using them, players jump through the map with low-gravity physics that feel a little Halo-esque. They have turned the crater into a chaos hole where players hopped up on hop rocks prey on the land-bound.

Players are pulling off impressive mid-air trick shots and wild fort builds all over and around the crater:

GIF: ImMarksman

It's become pretty clear that competent hop rock users can have a big advantage over non-buffed opponents. The height advantage and increased mobility can make aiming and evading shots way easier.

GIF: OpticBigTymer

The rocks have also made building totally wild:

GIF: Swishito (Reddit)

GIF: MalyCS (Reddit)

If you're like me and have trouble pulling the trick shots off yourself, it turns out the best way to escape hop-rocks-fuelled death is also hop rocks.


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