Peanuts Hotel Opening In Japan This Winter

Considering how Japan already has Snoopy-themed teahouses, a Peanuts cafe and a Peanuts museum, a Peanuts hotel was inevitable.

Screenshot: Peanuts Hotel

Located in Kobe, the hotel's concept is "It's nice to have a home where your guests feel comfortable."

Screenshot: Peanuts Hotel

That quote is from a Peanuts comic strip quote when a flock of birds takes a temporary respite on Snoopy's doghouse.

Construction is currently in progress, but each guest floor will have a theme, such as "Happy" or "Love". The hotel will have a total of 18 rooms, with each based on a Peanuts comic strip.

The first floor of the hotel will house Peanuts Cafe, while the second floor will have Peanuts Diner. Below are photos of the Yokohama location.

Screenshot: Peanuts Diner

Screenshot: Peanuts Diner

Peanuts Hotel is scheduled to open August 1.


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