RTS Deck-Builder Prismata, Usually $25, Is Free On Steam This Weekend

Dropping the price of your game from $US24.99 ($33.27) to zero is certainly one way to stress-test it. And this is precisely what Lunarch Studios has done for its hybrid RTS / deck-builder Prismata. Until 10AM, May 21 PDT (3am, May 22 AEST), you can grab the base game, free and keep it forever.

As mentioned, the 100 per cent discount is part of the game’s “Kill the Servers” promotion, hence the time-limited deal.

If you’re wondering what the catch is, well, there’s two. First, you’ll only get the base game, which comes with the first episode of the campaign, 50 training mission and multiplayer. The “Founder’s” DLC adds four more episodes, unlimited ranked play and in-game currency for cosmetic content.

The only caveat is that the game is in Early Access, but this is mitigated somewhat by it being, you know, free.

It’s also pretty feature heavy for an EA title:

  • State-of-the-art enemy AI created by Professor David Churchill, winner of the 2013 StarCraft AI competition
  • A custom replay browser where you can watch, share, and analyze game replays
  • New Prismata units added regularly, each with a unique role and purpose in combat
  • 100+ Steam Achievements to unlock
  • Real-time spectator mode: watch live matches featuring top players
  • Absolutely zero pay-to-win—no card packs to open; all units are free for all players
  • Over 500 customizable emotes and 250 awesome unit skins to collect
  • No randomness! Your fate is determined by your skill alone

If you’re interested, but can’t play right now, you can just fire up Steam, hit “Install game” and it’ll be registered to your account for future you.

Prismata [Steam]

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