This Week In Games: State Of Detroit

If you've played through the first chapter of Detroit's choose-your-own-android-adventure, then good news: by the end of this week, you'll be able to play through the rest. But if you'd rather fight your way through hordes of zombies or cursed undead, there's plenty to keep you busy as well.

A triumvirate will be dominating the headlines this week. We've already posted our review, but if you didn't pre-order (and you shouldn't pre-order games) then State of Decay 2 is the first major cab off the rank tomorrow Australian time.

That's followed by Dark Souls Remastered and Detroit: Become Human. Tennis fans get another game this week - Tennis World Tour - and Mega Man tragics can relive the classics all over again on the Switch.

Oh, and did I mention that Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon drops this week?

  • State of Decay 2 (PC, XBO)
  • Disco Dodgeball REMIX (XBO, Switch)
  • Dark Souls: Remastered (PC, PS4, XBO)
  • Gorogoa (PS4)
  • Space Hulk: Deathwing Enhanced Edition (PS4)
  • Tennis World Tour (PS4)
  • Mega Man Legacy Collection 1/2 (Switch)
  • Zen Bound 2 (Switch)
  • Punch Club (Switch)
  • n++ (Switch)
  • Mechastorm (Switch)
  • Atomine (Switch)
  • Dillon's Dead-Heat Breakers (3DS)
  • Dungeon Rushers (Switch)
  • Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset (PC, XBO, PS4)
  • Slipstream (PC)
  • Safe House (PC)
  • Esport Manager (PC)
  • Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon (PC)
  • Super Sportmatchen (PC)
  • Epiphany! (PC)
  • Egypt: Old Kingdom (PC)

Right. Surprising amount to get through this week. Firstly, our State of Decay 2 coverage if you're not up to speed:

Make Sure You Stockpile Cars In State Of Decay 2

In State of Decay, survival is a slow and difficult process. It's easy to get overwhelmed early on, as you slowly build up each character's skills and accumulate the resources necessary to survive long-term.

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State Of Decay 2: The Kotaku Review

It's easy to get in over your head in the open-world zombie survival game State of Decay 2.

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As for how Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon is coming along, which is the 8-bit game promised to anyone who backed Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, here's the official trailer:

Tennis fans wondering how Tennis World Tour is shaping up can enjoy this three minute match between Agassi and McEnroe:

For something completely different, and possibly infinitely more infuriating, there's Epiphany - a game about abstract thinking and logic puzzles.

Atomine is also a top-down roguelite shooter, where the events are supposedly tied to the real-life deployment of the Stuxnet virus.

And last but not least, our coverage on Detroit in case you need a refresher.

Detroit: Become Human's Flowchart Is Very Cool

I'm not a programmer. But having grown up with two, I have some measure of understanding when coders get irrationally excited about processes and flowcharts. And with Detroit. Become Human, I've found a flowchart of my own that I can happily geek over.

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Detroit: Become Human Gets In The Way Of Its Own Story

A nice byproduct from the rise of Telltale's episodic games, and the developers who followed in their path, was a collective realisation. Finally, games had a new way to telling intricate, powerful stories - without being bogged down by too many arbitrary mechanics. Unfortunately, Detroit. Become Human didn't quite get the memo.

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And I'd be remiss if I didn't also include Jason's story about what's unfolding behind the scenes:

Detroit Developer Quantic Dream Sues French Media Over Articles On Toxic Work Conditions

Last week, Quantic Dream founder and CEO David Cage flew to New York City to show demos off his dramatic new PS4 game, Detroit. Become Human, to press. In his home city of Paris, meanwhile, a different type of drama was unfolding. French journalists were defending themselves against Cage's legal charges.

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So, big week. See anything you like?


    Dark Souls! \[T]/ Dark Souls! \[T]/ Dark Souls! \[T]/ Dark Souls! \[T]/

      I heard the remastered version is crap. The one on PC anyway.

        Probably depends on your definition of 'crap'. PS4/XBONE versions look bloody amazing, but many in the (ugh) 'community' were having a good old butthurt whine about the fact that practically nothing's changed for the remaster, no interesting new re-juggling of enemy/item locations etc, to make things more interesting for their fucking I don't know, fiftieth playthrough.

        DS:R is undoubtedly going to be bloody amazing on PC compared to the original... on its own. Compared to the original + mods? Well, might as well compare Skyrim Special Edition on console to Skyrim vanilla on PC with mods. Shrug.

          Well if you're going through your fiftieth playthrough, wouldn't you want it to be changed up or different?

            Yeah, that's the point. It's a remaster of the original, but because a small group of die-hard enthusiasts played it to fucking death already, they want the remaster to do something new, to the detriment of new players who hadn't already wrung every shred of enjoyment out of the thing already.

            Hell, some of them even wanted DS:R to be polluted with combat mechanics from 3... Which is frankly a worse idea than Trump 2020.

            Basically like what happens when die-hard early access/beta test players have been playing a game in development for four or five years to the point of elite mastery and insist - demand - the game be made harder and more challenging because they're already masters of it, and when it comes out, it's utterly inaccessible to the market because it's been tailored towards the veterans who've already been playing it for half a fucking decade.

              But the remaster should be a chance to balance things out or add in a few extra options or details. I love Dark Souls as much as the next guy, but there were some balance issues the game had. The Capra Demon can easily have the dogs removed or the area you fight him in redesigned.

    I've been looking forward to Detroit since I played it at PAX last year.

    Looking forward to going through Detroit. Cage games are a mixed bag but I've always enjoyed the ride.

    Oh shit, I forgot Detroit was landing this week. But I have to Dark Souls! And I got my partner Hyrule Warriors like... just last week and she's only had time for a couple hours play... Maybe she can do that while watching me play Detroit and judging me so fucking hard for my decisions.

    I really want to play Detroit, and have just finished 100%ing Dragon Age Origins, so I will be playing Mirror's Edge Catalyst, which I bought on release and have been saving for just such an occasion.

      The parts of Catalyst that are good (the free running, the music and dat a e s t h e t i c) are really good but the parts that are bad (the story) are really bad. I hope you enjoy the game regardless, as it does get a little bit overlooked these days.

    Can anybody recommend (or, alternately, warn me away from) Everspace?

      Don't ask streamers, they were paid 4,000 pounds to play it like shit.

    I'm so excited for Detroit to come out so that the Best Friends can play it.

      I have never been more hype for a Best Friends LP ever.

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