Community Review: Detroit Become Human

Now that everyone's had a few days to ponder David Cage's latest creation, this week's Community Review was a pretty simple choice.

I walked away from my playthrough of Detroit: Become Human with a slightly different take to Kirk, who didn't enjoy Detroit at all. I can see where he's coming from, but before going further into that, our takes if you missed them:

Detroit: Become Human Is Held Together By The Little Moments

It's late in the evening. I've moved the console to the bedroom, so I can enjoy a bit of Detroit in warmth and comfort. I fire up the game, and while the main menu loads, I duck off to the toilet. Nobody else is home, so I don't bother to shut the door.

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Detroit Become Human: The Kotaku Review

The PS4's latest blockbuster moviegame Detroit. Become Human is like something my Alexa would come up with, were I to ask her to write a story about androids with feelings.

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Something worth reiterating, mind you, is that there are plenty of people who had fun with Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls even though both games were flawed. Heavily in some instances, but still intriguing enough to be worth a playthrough, especially with a group.

Enjoying something in spite of itself was how I'd describe Hidden Agenda, particularly that game's competitive mode. And there was just enough intrigue that I wanted to watch the alternate endings on YouTube.

With Detroit, I'm keen to see how others playthrough the game. Tegan and I had worked through the first few chapters before she went to New York at the end of last week, and while we're pretty similar in how we play games, I'm intrigued to see how she responds in different situations.

So for the problems I have with Detroit, I think that speaks volumes.

How have you found Detroit: Become Human?


    Burned through it on the weekend, not a fan overall but it still had some nice moments where I could make decisions to make the story more to my liking. Presentation is top notch, special call out to the score which is just fantastic. Also QD embracing the branching paths this time around with a time line showing you what you missed etc is a great addition. On that note the way the scenario changes easily the best work QD has done to date, so many options and so many different scenarios and outcomes.

    It made for an interesting experience but I share the issue that the premise of the game was never sold well enough for me and if you're not on board from the outset the quick escalation of events makes for an odd time of big drama moments you have no investment in.

    Easy recommend for the Cage fan ready to go down the rabbit hole again, otherwise your ride will depend on how ready you are to accept the premise.

      I haven't bought it I'm still on the fence as to whether I will or not. I really enjoyed Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain, but Beyond left me completely cold, and I'm not sure if I'm really a David Cage fan anymore.

      I think something like Until Dawn did a David Cage game better than David Cage himself ever did. Although that may have been partly due to its choice of the schlocky teen horror genre - Cage tends to go for a more serious theme and tone, but he doesn't have the writing or directing talent to pull it off.

        With you on all that, Until Dawn remains the gold standard. The fact is wasn't successful enough to warrant a sequel pains me. I still hold out hope for a surprise E3 sequel announcement!

          Agreed. Supermassive really knocked it out of the park with Until Dawn. The writing in that is top notch considering the genre and the fact it is interactive.

        This is more Heavy Rain than Beyond. The multiple protagonists, one of which is a detective, the more cohesive narrative etc. I haven't finished it yet, but it is a much tighter story so far than either HR or Beyond. In terms of heavy-handedness, this is still a Cage game, but unless you are easily-triggered by American civil rights history then I don't think you'll find it an issue.

          No, but I am triggered by poor writing and acting :P. Will this game provide me with the safe space that I need? :P

            Mmm, some of the writing is derivative and trope-y, but I haven't found it offensive. The most I can say is it lacks a certain nuance sometimes and prefers the gut punches to keep up the pace. That's not to say the game is 'full speed ahead' at all times. There are still moments where characters can develop without being in the middle of drama.

            The acting is actually very good in my view. Bear in mind that the main characters are androids. Connor's actor in particular does a great job, and his partner (who is human) is well-written and well-acted.

    Oh man, just one more day until the Best Friends upload their first episode. Gonna be hype!

    Only played a few chapters so far. Things are just starting to heat up, story-wise. There was one situation I was a little annoyed with (see below) but apart from that I've been having fun. My kids have been following along as I play. The graphics are just amazing, as is the design of 2038 Detroit. The characters are growing on me. I think I like Connor and Marcus the most, so far.

    Early game spoiler:
    The part where Marcus is told by his master not to defend himself, and he then goes rogue, is a part where I was annoyed that I couldn't have Marcus just stand there and take the abuse he was getting from the son. I felt control was being taken away from me as a player. I suspect it is necessary that Marcus go rogue as a set-up for the rest of the story, but it felt a little ham-fisted, particularly when you are given the option to 'defend' or 'endure'. I chose 'endure' but felt that should have meant that he didn't go rogue.

      I think for Marcus that scene is kinda over the top. He was taught by the master to think for himself, which he did when he painted and that should have triggered partial deviancy at that point
      When Leo pushes him, that was the trigger for him to break free from his restraint and choosing to endure means to follow master's teaching and never let people tell him what he is. I see it as a growth of Marcus but the scene to break control was kinda lame since he was so aggresive lol.

      No idea why new line is making a new spoiler tag but ok!

      Last edited 28/05/18 2:57 pm

      Yea, I felt that part was a little railroaded - actually, with Kara's as well, to a lesser extent - but it's necessary to establish his role in the rest of the plot. I feel like there could have been an alternate scenario in which he didn't go deviant then, but was forced to later when the police show up and he gets blamed by the son - force him to either be shot on sight (turning deviant as he collapses), or break programming and flee (and ultimately get shot in the attempt). You end up with the same scenario going into his next scene, but add a bit to the illusion of player choice.

      Too much of this, for mine. For a game that is supposed to be largely choice and consequences, there are a fair few rails.

      I started playing then gave up because I wasn't connecting with the characters.... then I started again and I'm enjoying it a lot more.

      My main stress at the moment is my completionist streak not coping with all the empty spaces in the decision tree.

        Ha ha, yeah I know! It's like, 'oh man, what would have happened if I'd done that instead of this?'

        Definitely going to do a blind replay and make different choices. I haven't finished the game yet, but I have been playing Connor as a 'good cop' who is just trying to fulfill his mission and fit in with his partner. Next playthrough I'm going to play him as a rogue badass who doesn't give a shit about anyone but himself.

    I am torn between reacting and playing naturally (making decisions as I personally would choose), and trying to get with North...

    Enjoying the game tho...

      Something I've been wondering for a few hours now is whether:

      Marcus has a cock...

      I know it's irrational, but I'd love to see if they can actually bone.

    I’m a big fan of Heavy Rain, it’s clunky as all hell but at the time I thought it was a complete revelation. I enjoyed Beyond as well but not quite as much; I suspect the single-character plot line kept them from having as much choice and consequence as they did in HR so I didn’t get as invested in it.

    I’m about five or six chapters into Detroit and absolutely LOVING it so far. It feels like a prettier, more polished version of HR that fixes most of its major issues. The character movement works, the flowchart is brilliant (gives me major Zero Escape vibes but also lights a fire in the completionist in me), and I love the little unlocking motif that happens when you find something useful- it makes me spend ages trying to figure out how that thing I found could ever be useful in the future. It’s certainly not perfect but it’s David Cage, I never expected it to be.

    since I don't own a PS4, I'm enjoying seeing the let's play videos and the ensuring rage in the comments about how X youtuber should have gone with Y choice

    also Chloe is super cute

      Super cute, but also I don't trust her one bit!

        you shot her didn't you
        you monster =p

        Last edited 31/05/18 9:57 am

          Ha ha, no.

          Mainly, I wanted to stick it to Kamsky, but also I was trying to become Hank's friend, and he said not to do it.

          Last edited 01/06/18 11:42 am

            to be fair having watched all the choices, Kamsky just rolls out another Chloe if you do shoot her... like he has dozen spares sitting in a cupboard or something.
            then again he does have 2 just in the pool when you first walk in

            Last edited 04/06/18 6:38 pm

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