What's Your Favourite Star Wars Game?

Star Wars Episode 1 Racer is back, in a more compatible form. But the Star Wars universe has provided tons of good video games in the past.

Something I always hold close to my heart is Dark Forces 2. It's maybe not the best of the Jedi Knight games, but it's got a special place in my heart. I remember playing the demo over and over again - it had multiplayer and a decent-sized level to roam around on.

Plus, it was novel for a shooter in 1997 to give you an option of Light or Dark Side powers, without shovelling you exclusively down one path or the other. You got the best powers by sticking to one line, although having something like Force Grip alongside Force Absorb or even just a ton of points into Force Speed, Jump and Pull was super useful.

Similarly, there was a ton of hokey fun to be had with the original Rebel Assault. Sure, it was ultimately a shitty on-rails shooter with crappy FMV. Wing Commander was really the kind of production that Rebel Assault wanted to be (although TIE Fighter undeniably had a better plot, missions and mechanics). But for the time, it was an absolute blast.

From the modern era, it's hard to go past KOTOR. I actually quite liked The Old Republic as well, despite the aggressiveness of the game's free-to-play model.

But what about you - what's your favourite Star Wars video game?


    I would love to say 1313 but that didnt exactly go to plan,
    Academy, KOTOR or Yoda stories would have to be my top picks

      Loved Yoda Stories as a kid. Didn't find out until later the worlds were procedurally generated which makes me love it more.

    The X-Wing and TIE Fighter series.
    We finally have VR, why oh why haven't they rebooted these???

      Agreed. The whole series needs to be rebooted. Heck just remake the originals with the Frostbite 2 engine and you'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

      Couldn't agree more. TIE Fighter in particular was brilliant and I'd love a modern remake.

      But where would you put the loot boxes?

        Cosmetic ones or the ones that give you upgrades and an edge in competitive multiplayer?

    Not even a hard question; KOTOR was and is my favourite Star Wars game, easily in my top three games of all time.

    Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace on PSX. Say what you want about the movie but the game was quite good at the time.

    Original arcade for me. Wire frame graphics and trench run. Nothing better.

      Oh yes!
      Man I loved that game.
      As soon as I sat in that cockpit, popped the money in and heard 'Red 5 standing by', I was *in* the movie.
      That game transported me into the Star Wars universe in a way no other game has since.

        Exactly. Red 5 standing by. First time I saw the sit in cab was at Orbit on Elizabeth St. So many people trying to see/play.
        Great immersion and really feels like you're in an x-wing.

    I have some very fond memories of the Jedi Knight games. They were particularly fun when you enabled the cheats/commands to
    A: make your lightsaber damage anything it touched, regardless of whether you were actively attacking, and
    B: enable the SOF2-style dismemberment, which was disabled by default

    You could dice a group of stormtroopers to bits simply by running into them with your weapon out.

      Fancy having dismemberment in a lightsaber game.

      I really dont understand why they havn't rebooted the jedi knight series. No other game has done lightsaber combat right and lightsabers are at least 50% of the appeal of star wars.

    X-wing and TIE Series without a doubt. I miss the old space combat games. I'd kill for a modern remake of the entire series. Remake TIE Fighter, X-wing, XvT, X-wing Alliance and I'd be a happy happy man.

    Shooter wise, Jedi Outcast for me. I love playing as Kyle as he regains his Jedi heritage. And the story sat well with me.

    Something I always hold close to my heart is Fark Forces 2. Is that the Aussie version?

    Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast was my first introduction to online gaming. It had a great little community and those memories still hold a special place in my heart.

    I didn't play KOTOR until loooooong after it released, so it was a bit dated by the time I played it, but it was still great.

    But my best memories where actually from Star Wars Galaxies. Yes, it was a very flawed MMO, but original pre Jump to Lightspeed expansion was fantastic. It was also my first MMO experience, so didn't know any better. I was a Star Wars fanboy like a pig in mud!

    The original Dark Forces. I kinda felt making Kyle Katarn a jedi was a mistake.

    KOTOR. Because of course.

    Bounty Hunter and Republic Commandos are up there too.

    KOTOR 2 - The flawed but more interesting sequel to one of the best RPGs around. I think Kreia is still one of the most interesting characters in the Star wars universe. I also have fond memories of The Phantom Menace video game. Could that be released next?

    1. Tie Fighter.
    2. Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight.
    3. Republic Commando.
    4. Knights of the Old Republic.
    5. Empire at War.

      TIE Fighter is the best Star Wars game I’ve ever played and had the best potrayal of the Empire from the perspective of one of its pilots. The fact that it wasn’t just “Lol you’re evil haha” is reason enough to give it a bit of praise.

      This would basically be my list, except with KotOR II instead of the original (even incomplete, it is vastly better written and has more interesting things to say)

      Republic Commando is seriously underrated.

      Ah man - I was soooo in to Empire at War. But that manual - what a tome!

      Tie Fighter is my top fav though.

    The first nine months of The Old Republic before they announced free2play especially when in had the Australian Servers.

    Whole WOW guild joined the game and we were acing the raids... then they announced no new raid content for a while so they convert the game to free2play and followed it up by closing the Australian servers so we all went back to WOW.

    Huge shame my Imperial Agent Sniper was overpowered on 10ms latency.

      See, I'd have said KOTOR, after they buffed the fuck out of EXP and nerfed mobs/difficulty with soloable 'dungeons' for story's sake etc so that it wasn't such a group-focused MMO experience and could be treated as basically KOTOR 3.

      MMO grind bullshit really hurt SWTOR's playability as a Star Wars RPG. Grinding mats for crafting so you can grind crafting skill points on absurd timers that extend the length of your end to end play time or loot itemization that focuses on pushing you to an auction house to share with other players to actually get anything useful is MMO bullshit designed specifically to retain players on a sub, that has no benefit to player enjoyment.

    1. Jedi Knight: For that sweet multiplayer
    2. Tie Fighter
    3. KOTOR

    Anyone remember that age of empires 2 star wars reskin? I was too young to know if it was any good but i had a tonne of fun playing it.

      Had to look it up but it was Galactic Battlegrounds.
      Was a good fun game, but then again it was basically AoE so was hard to mess it up too much

    Outcast and Academy, purely for the hours spent in multiplayer with those great lightsabre mechanics.

    The have been some awesome star wars games over the years
    Hell mine probably started with empire strikes back on the Atari. Played so much of that even if it wasn't a great game.
    Great games that I recall at Pod racer, kotor, republic commando, dark forces, jedi academy and X-wing and Tie-fighter series. Hell even recently I enjoyed the force unleashed games. I like empire at war but didn't play enough of it to have a proper opinion.

    Not sure that I can really name a favourite, they all fill different niches.

    KOTOR and Jedi Academy, republic commando was good too so was that rts space one

    Rogue Squadron is probably my favourite but it's hard to choose. Jedi Academy, Kotor 1&2, Yodas Stories the list goes on...

    Battlefront 1 (2015) :| I really liked that game despite resounding hatred.

    Jedi Outcast
    Republic Commando (they even got a cameo on Clone Wars I believe)
    Jedi Power Battles on PS1.

    Rouge Squadron. Moderately hard to finish. Extremely hard to 100%.
    Sunk so many pre teen hours in to that game. Unlocking the tie interceptor, naboo starfighter and Millennium Falcon really opened the game up for replayability.

    Jedi Academy would be mine, great lightsaber combat, the ability to dismember your enemies, you could create your own personalised character, and the ability to even customise your lightsaber made it even better

    1. X-Wing and TIE fighter games
    2. Dark Forces 2 (for the cutscenes)
    3. Jedi Outcast

    Super Star Wars obviously.

    How has no one said LEGO Star Wars? Love those games.

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