Finger Lickin’ Why

Finger Lickin’ Why

Power armour not enough for you? Then maybe you’d like to try the deep fried alternative.

For whatever reason, someone within KFC Canada decided to mock up some promo armour for Fortnite, inspired by buckets of chicken. The centrepiece is truly … something. Imagine a person, covered like a battered and fried KFC Zinger. The entire body. Tip to toe.

On the other side, you’ve got an actual chook in place of the regular in-game glider, and the pickaxe has been replaced by a fork.

This is either amazing or seventh circle of Hell freakish. I don’t know that I could ever get on board with that body armour. A chook for a glider though … that’s pretty great.


  • In all seriousness, this is the only skin I would need. So many options with fast food sponsors, Dominos could do a delish pepperoni slice skin

  • This is kinda what I expected a few years ago when companies started talking about including real world advertising in game.

    I’m actually kinda torn, I think it’d be hilarious to see a bunch of KFC dudes running around fighting Maccas and Pizza Hut enemies in Fortnite but at the same time the crass commercialism of it…

  • I won’t lie: I find the thought of someone completely covered in KFC crumbing extremely arousing.

    Oh Google, why must you fail me now!?

  • I like this form of marketing. It could easily be something so much more sterile or insipid, but instead, it’s a ridiculous fried chicken man with a bucket of fried chicken for a head. I’ve got no beef with a company getting in on a joke if they actually do a good job of it.

    Also, making sure that the face on the bucket is where their normal face should be is a work of artistic genius.

    • Agreed. I think it’s great. Sure beats the hell out of some boring as sh*t banner ad or promoted post that noone’s ever going to click on.
      They’re not taking themselves seriously and giving people something fun.

  • Mock up? Fuck man, this could’ve been the thing to convert me to Fortnite… for a while.

  • Scrolling past this story, I saw the header image and for a second thought that it was Adam from Mythbusters… :O

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