Incredibles 2 Director Brad Bird Isn’t Interested In Ratatouille or The Iron Giant Sequels

Incredibles 2 Director Brad Bird Isn’t Interested In Ratatouille or The Iron Giant Sequels

For over a decade, fans have been asking Brad Bird if he was ever going to make a sequel to The Incredibles. And he finally has. But the writer/director has very strong thoughts on making sequels to his other movies, including his other Oscar-winning Pixar film, Ratatouille, and the iconic Iron Giant.

The adventures of Remy the chef have come to a conclusion. Photo: Disney

“You know, I feel like that story is told,” Bird told us in regards to Ratatouille. “I’m told I need to do an Iron Giant 2 and I’m told I need to remake everything that I’ve made and no one apparently wants anything new any more. I’m a little at odds with society on that. I would like to do some new things.”

That’s an interesting thing to say, considering Bird just spent several years of his life making Incredibles 2, which is poised to become another huge hit for the filmmaker.

“This did [turn out well],” Bird said. “But you’re welcome to take a crack at a Ratatouille sequel. I feel like I’ve done my Ratatouille. I’ve done my Mission: Impossible and I’ve done my Iron Giant. And that’s that. I’m not mad about it but it seems like it’s the only thing that people want now is for you to repeat what you just did.”

However, Bird admits that there is a little bit of a silver lining when it comes to the public’s obsession with sequels.

“Well, it’s nice,” Bird continues. “It’s complimentary. But it kind of reminds me of when my boys were little and I would give them a push on the swing and they’d go ‘Again!’ It’s a sweet thing but it’s also, from an artist standpoint, it’s a little frustrating.

“Like what if I want to do a Western? Would there be any support for that idea? What if I wanted to do a musical? How about that? You know, it’s like – there are other things to do.”

So even though Bird did make a successful sequel in Incredibles 2 (and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol), it seems very unlikely we’ll see more cooking rats in the future.

Incredibles 2 opens June 14. We’ll have more on the film and from Bird soon.


  • Good. Both of them should never have them. Brilliant movies in their own right. Iron Giant is a masterpiece and leaves us with a sense of hope, it doesn’t need more. It just needs to be seen again and again and again…

    • Nah, I think we need Iron Giant in Ready Player One shooting his giant laser.

  • You know what we get when we continue a story that’s already finished? Star Wars.

    • I upvoted in agreement but I think that’s mostly ’cause the new stuff sucks, but the original EU had a lot of great forward stories. Luke starting up his own reworked Jedi Order was great and it made TLJ such a punch in the face in context.

      • I was one of those people who said “The EU was a mess. Disney did the right thing in rolling it all up… Episode 7 8 and 9 will create a new coherent universe that will be great you’ll see… Disney will do great. It’d take a moron to mess this up!”

        Well… THEY SURE SHOWED ME!

      • I couldn’t believe what a dumpster fire the last main star wars film was. It was criminal turning luke into that. Just criminal.

        • I’m the only person who liked TLJ, aren’t I? I even didn’t like TFA.

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