Microsoft Announces Halo Infinite With Tiny Teaser

Microsoft Announces Halo Infinite With Tiny Teaser
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Microsoft kicked off its E3 2018 press conference with a small teaser for the next Halo, called Halo Infinite. If you thought Halo 5 could have used more Master Chief, Microsoft says you’ll get more play time with the series’ protagonist this time around.

“We will join Master Chief on his greatest adventure yet to save humanity,” said Xbox chief Phil Spencer following the trailer.

Halo Infinite is powered by a new game engine created by Halo developer 343 Industries, called the Slipspace Engine. In a blog post, 343 said that all of the scenes in the Halo Infinite trailer were running in the engine.

“Halo Infinite will feature [a] new art style that draws significant inspiration from the most iconic and historic parts of the Halo franchise and your feedback, all while modernising and taking advantage of the full power of the Xbox One family,” 343 wrote. “The new Master Chief helmet directly showcases our new art style.”

343 also responded to criticisms of the last game in the series, 2015’s Halo 5: Guardians. “The team also heard feedback loud and clear on the amount of time spent playing as the Master Chief in Halo 5,” it wrote. “In Halo Infinite, the game will focus on the Master Chief and continue his saga after the events of Halo 5.” So expect to play as Master Chief more in Infinite than in Guardians.


  • I’m getting strong “open world” vibes from this trailer (and that name, now that I think about it). That could be very good. It could also be awful.

  • Not sure if there is anyone here who has read many of the halo books. Especially the forerunner trilogy, which halo 4 and 5 already taken things from A LOT. But i feel like this is the ring where the ancient humans (and earth animals) were taken for safekeeping during the first ‘flood’ where the forerunners nuked the universe. The semi ancient earth animals (those rhinos), the cave paintings and the small scale statues of halo rings all look like primitive human type stuff.

  • It’s coming to Windows 10?
    By the time it comes out, I reckon it will be better to get it on PC than on Xbox.

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