Samurai Game Ghost Of Tsushima Is Looking Beautiful

Samurai Game Ghost Of Tsushima Is Looking Beautiful

Sony showed the first gameplay of their upcoming samurai action game Ghost of Tsushima at their E3 2018 press conference this morning. It was a beautiful ballet of swords and arrows.

First announced at last year’s Paris Games Week, Ghost of Tsushima is the next game from Infamous studio Sucker Punch Productions, and it’s looking like a stark contrast to the superhero action of their previous work.

Starting with a text insert displaying “Mongol invasion, day nine”, lone samurai Jin Sakai walks through grasslands with war raging just off on the horizon. Galloping through the field, he heads to another area, across a bridge and towards civilians fleeing in distress.

Coming upon three swordsmen, you get to see the first glimpses of combat with a tense stand-off between the player character and the lead enemy warrior. Jin hesitates to draw his sword, waiting to do so until he can fell him in one swoop out of the sheath.

The fighting looks to have dodging, parrying, swiping – all you’d expect from a hack-and-slash action game.

The player then meets up with a friendly ally – Masako – before proceeding to a ruined temple guarded by two fatally unaware doofuses, where some stealth comes into play. While he stabs one bad guy, his pal shoots the other in the back with an arrow.

Hiding among the rafters, the main character sizes up the situation insides before dropping down and summarily dicing up all the foes inside.

The trailer ends in the sudden turn of Masako against the protagonist, resulting in a gorgeous swordfight set against the sunset. The two dance around each other, swinging and slashing. Each hit looks intense and damaging, even as a pure spectator. The two finally settle their difference by remembering their common enemy: The horde of approaching Mongol soldiers.

No word on a release date yet for this PlayStation 4 exclusive.


  • I’m really hoping this blurs the romanticised line between Samurai and Ninja, it’s looking that way and I’m loving it!!

  • This looked fantastic. Samurais seem to be a thing this year, with Sekiro, Nioh 2 and this all being announced.

  • ooo, looks great. Here’s hoping for a Japanese language option with subtitles.

  • Oh my god, i dont know how but that made me very wet.
    on a serious note, i genuinely hope this kind of gameplay/ rendering is achievable on current gen consoles without scaling it way back, im hoping we dont have another witcher situation where the final product is well, like that.
    the gameplay looks amazing and i cannot wait!

  • Graphics are top-notch but is it just me or do the animations seem a bit forced? It all seems robotic and stiff.

    Still, doesn’t bother me personally if gameplay and progression system +endgame is good.

  • I wonder can you set it to all Japanese audio and just subtitles…I mean the voice acting sounds great, but I do like watching foreign movies in original audio so I feel like I wanna approach this the same way…

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