People thought the last ScribbleTaku might have been a space shooter, or Madden. Those that guessed football were closer to the mark - but it was actually the original Blood Bowl game from 1995.

Let's see how you go with today's game.

Good luck!


    This feels like something from the old Myst style games in the 1990s.

    Can't think of the name though.

    Rime or Alida?

    Hunt for the Federation Starship October.

      Its the card game of the movie based off the sequel - Hunt for the Federation Starship October 2 : Red Alert : The Movie : The Card Game.

    Surely that's Fantasy Zone II?

    Some star trek game?

      I played 1 once when I went to my cousins about 10years ago and I think it reminds me if that I swear if seen it before
      Star trek away team

    Looks like @unDeadlyBees might have been on the money then

    For this one I'll guess Warp

    Space Quest 5

      I had this in my head! Is this right? I'll shoot myself for not saying it 8 hours ago if it is. XD

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