An Alienware Mechanical Keyboard With Kalih Brown Switches For $75

Image: Dell

It's not often you see serviceable mechanical keyboards priced under the $100 mark, especially if they're listed in the same sentence as "Dell" or "Alienware".

The Dell website is selling the Alienware AW568 mechanical keyboard for $74.49 right now, which comes with Kalih brown switches instead of the Cherry MX variants that most people are accustomed to. Kalih switches have gotten a lot better over the last year, after the company fixed some quality control issues with their manufacturing moulds, and they've made a bunch of waterproof and dustproof switches of late.

The switch in the AW568, however, isn't one of the flashier ones. It's just a straight up and down take on a middle switch - something quieter than the clicky-clacky blues and blacks, but with a bit more resistance for typing than a red or a speed-type switch. Basically, if you've never used a mechanical keyboard, browns are a good place to start.

Head to the Australian Dell site if you want to know more. The deal will be live until Thursday, July 12.


    They chucked one of these in with the Dell G3 laptop I just bought. :)

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