Four Years After It Was Announced, Dead Island 2 Is ‘Still In Development’

Four Years After It Was Announced, Dead Island 2 Is ‘Still In Development’
Image: Deep Silver

Last we heard of Dead Island 2, follow-up to the Borderlands-style co-op zombiefest Dead Island, publisher Deep Silver had dumped developer Yager in favour of Sumo Digital. This was after being pushed back to 2016. Now, in 2018, the official Twitter account for the game has offered a scrap to undead fans regarding the title’s fate.

If you thought Dead Island 2 was about as alive as its shambling antagonists, think again. A few days ago, @deadislandgame dropped this morsel:

Which was followed by this, less savour chunk:

So, the game isn’t dead. Things are still happening. Though I imagine Dying Light — made by original DI / DI 2 devs Techland — has already stolen a lot of its thunder.

Dead Island 2 Loses Developer

We haven't heard much about Dead Island 2 since it was announced at E3 2014. Get ready to not hear much about it for quite some time to come — publisher Deep Silver just announced that they're dropping the developers, Yager.

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  • Good to hear. I enjoyed the first one, even with it’s flaws. As well as Dying Light.
    I found them different enough to be comfortable in their own little groove without the stealing of “thunder”

  • As interesting as Dead Island was, Dying Light has carried the torch much better than I imagine any direct sequel could.

    • Yep and that promo video for DL2? Holy shit. DI2 is gonna have to do something amazing to match that…

  • I had one hell of a good time playing Dead Island! Running down a hallway while throwing a sword through a zombie’s neck and picking it back up as I dive through a door was all kinds of enjoyable. Oddly enough, didn’t like Riptide, gave up on it after an hour or two. I still have to play Dying Light, I was over zombies when it came out, the second one looks amazing.

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