Here's Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-Mars-Tered For ~$12

It's been a while since the Red Faction series was in vogue. But one of the best games in the series got a re-release this week, and rather conveniently, it's half price.

The open-world blow-everything-to-bits adventure is available for $12.99 through Fanatical, which — surprise! — has started selling games in Australian currency. You can also save an extra 10% by using the RED10 code at checkout, which brings the total price down to $11.69. Nice.

While we're on the subject, I'm curious to know if someone deliberately misspelt mayhem in that trailer:

The typo would fit with the whole "Re-Mars-tered" pun. In any case, head to Fanatical if you're interested. Note that you'll get the original Red Faction: Guerrilla game with the remastered version, and anyone who has the original in their Steam account will be able to play the remastered version for free. That's a big plus, especially if you're keen on some oldschool multiplayer.

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    Big fan of the original. The level of environmental destruction hasn't been matched since, which is a damn shame.

    What changes does the remarstered version bring?

    $39 on psn. Man it’s a good time to be a pc gamer

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