Here’s Valkyria Chronicles On PC For $8.15

Here’s Valkyria Chronicles On PC For $8.15
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Before the next iteration of the Valkyria Chronicles franchises drops, you can get to grips with the series from the beginning (and for bugger all).

The PC version of Valkyria Chronicles is available through Fanatical for $8.15, and comes with all previously released DLC. You’ll get around 35 to 40 hours from the base game anyway – maybe longer if you’re taking your time – but the story DLC and challenge missions will add a nice boost to that.

Valkyria Chronicles Is My First And Only SRPG Love

This week, Sega announced that formerly PS3-exclusive Valkyria Chronicles would be coming to PC 11 November, 2014. Just the idea that more people will get to experience this game makes me giddy. Why? Because the Valkyria Chronicles series is my first and only SRPG love.

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Valkyria is the kind of game that’s right up the alley of Fire Emblem fans. Think of it more as a wartime JRPG drama, than tactical, military turn-based combat. For more info, check out the deal here.


  • It’s still in my pile of shame.

    And everytime I see it in the list I think maybe this time I’ll fire it up. Then I go play something less time intensive.

  • I was really, really enjoying my playthrough of this game a couple of years ago until I hit a ridiculous difficulty spike that I never recovered from. I’m still bitter about that.

    • I heard the game is much harder on PC because it wasn’t designed for 60fps – so the enemies shoot twice as fast / often due to the increased frames

      • Holy sh…

        That answers a question that i’ve had for years now. When I hit the wall in a certain desert level where an antagonist comes and wrecks your party, I looked up YouTube videos to see where I was going wrong.

        However, the videos I saw were people playing on console, and they did the exact same thing I was doing but it was just working. It drove me crazy and I ended up just quitting the game and complaining about it frequently whenever its mentioned. I became 5% more bitter on that day.

        Thanks for that info.

        • Oh I remember her. She was an absolute pain. By saving just before she turned up I was able to try it over and over again and manage to get her to glitch out behind the big tank. I just kited her back and forth while the rest of the units moved to extract

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