I'm Very Into This Game That Blends XCOM With The Cold War

Phantom Doctrine has two things immediately in its favour: it's XCOM-style gameplay in a Cold War setting, and the developers are quoting more than 40 hours for the solo campaign.

That's the basic pitch for Phantom Doctrine anyway, the latest game from CreativeForge Games (Hard West). A cinematic trailer dropped for the game overnight, which is due out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on August 14.

Other things to whet the appetite for XCOM fans: variable overwatch modes, as well as a breach ability for breaking down cover; the ability to play out the campaign from the side of the KGB and CIA, as well as a third protagonist once the campaign is complete; full customisation for each of your operatives; and a neat cork pinboard that acts as your investigations hub.

I am very into all of these things. For more info, mosey on over to the Steam page. (It'll be available on GOG at launch, too.)


    Just played, finished and loved my first XCOM game (XCOM 2 on PS4). I will definitely be having a look at this once it's out. Are there any other similar games on PS4 or XboxOne?

      Yeah, not a lot. Closest I can think of would be Invisible, Inc., but that's more stealth gameplay with turn-based combat than the XCOM formula. Still good though.

      Hey it's a bit of a genre stretch from XCOM type squad based action but you might also enjoy Transistor.

      Enemy Unknown will more or less run on anything if you feel like going back the previous iteration. Might even be backwards compatible on the Xbox.

      If you havent already, the War of the Chosen is an awesome expansion to XCOM 2 that builds on the existing game and just makes it better. Cant recommend it enough.

      Also Julian Gollop's (one of the original designers on XCOM) has a new game coming out called Phoenix Point that is very XCOM. I think it is coming to PC and Xbone.

    Obligatory "hope this comes to Switch" comment

    Seriously though

    I've been periodically checking this out for a while. Very much looking forward to it.

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