We have a new winner: Malfruen was the first to spot that the last ScribbleTaku was the temperature gauge from Breath of the Wild. Nicely done.

Let's see how you all go today!

Good luck!


    Jedi Academy?

      If you're thinking of the cover art, that aint it. The Jedi Academy cover was a (very) stylised JK where the ship is above, with 2 lines cutting vertically, not a solid-ish line.

      If its ingame, I cant remember it well enough to think of a spot.

        [Puts hands up in the air]

        You got me there. I know of far more games than I've actually played (which in turn dwarfs the number I've actually finished).

    I see this and I can't help think something like Spacewar or Macross.

      This also made me think of macross but I just started watching robotech on Stan so figured it was just cause it was top of mind

    Looks to me like a SHMUP with a shielded ship firing off its special weapon.

    There was a space style game like 1943, I cannot for the life of me remember the name of it, but it looks like when you get the bbg (bloody big gun) and have a shield on.

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