Watch A Guy Build A Brand New, Completely Obsolete Gaming PC With 20-Year-Old Parts

On 25 June 1998, Microsoft released Windows 98. It didn’t come out with quite as much fanfare as Windows 95 did, so to commemorate the OS’ 20th anniversary, YouTuber Shelby Jueden built a gaming PC using brand new, in the box, 20-year-old components, as well as an unused copy of Windows 98.

If you can remember building your own spec’d-out computer in order to play games such as Half-Life or Rogue Squadron, you’ll enjoy this nostalgic trip down memory lane that includes antique technologies such as the Pentium III processor, floppy disks and CD-ROM drives.

From opening the first box, to installing the last driver update, it takes hours to get this gaming rig ready — and it's unfortunately unable to load a single modern game. But Doom still plays great!

As nostalgic as I am for the fun of getting a PC up and running back in the day, I’m going to go and hug my tablets again. RIP Windows 98.

[YouTube via The Awesomer]


    Voodoo 5 ! sidewinder! IDE drives!

    I'm just impressed he managed to find all the parts in 2 years haha

    5 1/4" drives? Pretty sure they were already pretty thin on the ground in 98.

    But he played StarCraft. Yeah!

    I'm skeptical that any home PC had a 120 GB 7200 RPM hard drive in 1998.

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