World Of Warcraft Makes For Some Tasty Burgers

For the next month, The Annandale Hotel and The Raby Tavern in Sydney will be doing something slightly special: they’ll be selling World of Warcraft burgers, ahead of the launch of Battle for Azeroth. Spoiler: they’re massive, tasty, and available from today.

There’s two burgers available – one Horde and one Alliance – and you’ll be able to buy either from the Burgers by Josh venues at both hotels. The Horde burg will set you back $20, and comes with jalapenos, house bourbon honey chipotle BBQ sauce, sriracha maple bacon, spicy fried chicken, pickel guindilla chilli horns, slaw, and a bright red potato bun:

What’s not mentioned in that description, but you can clearly see above, is that the chicken patties are fucking enormous. Mind you, they’re a hell of a lot easier to eat than this situation:

For $22 – because of course Alliance has to be a bit fancier – you get a double wagyu beef patty, american cheese, crispy bacon, picked peppers, chilli jam, onion, tomato, lettuce, saffron aioli, a hash brown, a bright blue bun and a fried jalapeno popper on top.

Oh, and obviously, both burgers come with chips. Because if you’re going to destroy your body, you might as well do it properly.

The fun trick amongst all of this is that whatever burger turns out to be the most popular will remain on the menu for a further month after Battle for Azeroth launches next month. Obviously, this all only matters to those who can physically get to the Annandale and/or Raby Tavern.

That said, it’s a neat PR trick. And for the record, I went for the Alliance burger. After all, I remember what happened the last time I had a blue burger, and figured blue was better than red the second time through.

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