And Here’s AFL Players Doing Fortnite Dances

And Here’s AFL Players Doing Fortnite Dances

Perhaps the best part of this video is how little apparent instruction the players needed.

It’s not uncommon for footballers and professional athletes to get into games on their time off. Mark Hunt’s a massive Counter-Strike fan; Gordon Hayward loves his League of Legends.

And of late, Fortnite has been the game of choice. So four AFL players (including Alex Rance from the Richmond Tigers) got in front of a camera for the Aussie Rules YouTube channel – which is basically aimed at kids – to strut their stuff.

On the one hand, this is one of the most cringey things I’ve seen all week. But the players are obviously comfortable with Fortnite, so it makes me wonder what other gaming-related content the footballers would be into. Adam also tells me about half of the Brisbane Lions squad are into Fortnite, and most clubs have done something related to the game on their social media by now.

Like a Jackbox AFL stream, for instance. What could possibly go wrong?


  • “Adam also tells me about half of the Brisbane Lions squad are into Fortnite”

    This explains a lot about their on-field performances this year.

  • I did enjoy how much of a dag Alex Rance is. Good on them for doing something a bit silly and fun, I’m sure kids will have loved it.

  • Of course, none of the Fortnite dances are original as far as I’m aware, although gaming sites seem to act as if that was what their inception was. It reminds me of how WoW fans see a video of a dance and go ‘They’re doing Race X dance’ when they could be inspired by the original.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a conversation where some teen went “OMG! He’s doing the night elf dance.”

    “Son, I hate to tell you. But thats Michael Jackson.”

    “Well, he can do it pretty good! Not as good as YouTuber Y tho!”

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