I Continue To Pray That Blizzard Makes A Feature Movie From Their Cinematics

I've been asking for this ever since StarCraft. Blizzard's cinematics team are the bset in the business, and Christ it would be good if they just made a feature length movie.

The latest cinematic for World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth dropped recently, and it carries on from where the controversial Sylvanas video left off. The timing is really too good, especially given everyone's reaction to the treatment of a major Alliance landmark.

A Major World Of Warcraft Character Turned Evil, And Fans Are Freaking Out

There are heel turns, and then there’s what World of Warcraft’s Sylvanas Windrunner — current leader of the game’s Horde faction — did in a new short released by Blizzard yesterday. She torched the World Tree, a major Alliance landmark, and slaughtered countless innocent night elves in the process. Now Horde players are revolting.

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In any case, you can watch Old Soldier below. The voice-acting and quality are off the chain, but really, would you expect anything else?

Imagine how good the Warcraft movie would have been if it was just done by the Blizzard cinematics team. One day, one day.


    The cinematics work because it's a bite sized chunk. If it was drawn out to a feature length movie it wouldn't nearly be a good because you know... Blizzard's modern day story telling

    Wouldn't you just end up with the Warcraft film from 2016?

    Counter point: That's a terrible idea. Movies based on game franchises are always terrible and I'd rather they spent their time doing something good.

      Counterpoint: Silent Hill is a genuinely great movie, easily in my top 50 of all time, and is a shining beacon to video game films everywhere. Proof that it can be done, even if nobody has figured out how to either before or since :/

        Silent Hill was boss.


        Mortal Kombat was good. Pokemon also transitioned well to TV and movies, although it worked better as a TV show. And, even though it was only a loose adaptation, the first Resident Evil movies wasn't that bad either. I've also heard good things about Halo: Forward Unto Dawn.

      Final Fantasy advent children

      Final Fantasy the spirits within ( it was a stretch to call it a Final Fantasy though)

      Some if the Resident Evil movies

      Warcraft (was OK)

      Also kind of liked the last Tomb Raider and the Hitman movies, although they could of been just generic action movies without the branding so still average but not terrible.

      That's usually because the movies are done by non-games people.

      Now if Blizzard's cinematic team were to make a full-length movie, I've no doubt it would be insanely good!

    Everyone likes to shit on the Warcraft movie from 2016 but to be honest, for a movie that was muddled by too many voices - it was and remains a true love testament to the series. And well worth watching.

      I will defend the Warcraft Movie until the end of time. I say this and i state it as a god damn fact, there was more fucking magic in the Warcraft Movie than there was in the Entire Harry Potter franchise and that was about a fucking school full of wizards

      The Warcraft movie was good if you knew the lore.

      If you didnt the movie was crap. I loved the movie.

        i have to disagree with your second point. I took a couple of family members who are not gamers and had no idea what warcraft was and they loved it. ( no they were not kids or teenagers). I would also like to add that Other Joe from the Angry Joe Show also new nothing of the lore and gave it an 8 out of 10 along with Del with only Angry Joe himself giving it a 6 out of 10

          I wasn't trying to imply that was the only reason. But from my point of view anyway. The major contributor to it not getting good reviews or people disliking it was because they knew nothing of the lore. If your family members loved it that's awesome :). You should get them into WoW

    Instead of a movie, how about we get a Netflix series?

      I think a long form format would actually work a whole lot better for them.
      Game of Thrones would have failed miserably as a movie. Big stories need the space and time to breath.

    the Warcraft movie was super disappointing imo. both overwatch and wow have awesome find emati. videos so I defs wish they'd make a full length feature

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    I've said it before and I'll say it again: Why the fuck didn't they take the plot from Lord of the Clans and make THAT into the WC movie?

    It would have been perfect for a movie, and you wouldn't need the massive amounts of back-story that you needed to enjoy it. Some dickhead Alliance middle-manager finds a baby Orc during the second invasion (which conveniently lets you fill in the back-story of the invasions), and raises it as a pet. The Horde lose the war and become slaves in Alliance internment camps. The pet orc fights as a gladiator before escaping its captivity, freeing the captive orcs, and fighting for their freedom against their former captors.

    Fuck - it would have been so interesting having the humans as the bad guys. Movies like District 9 and Avatar kind of did it, but it was somewhat spoiled by the fact that in each, the protagonist was still a human messiah that had to rise up to save the savages - what if instead, all the humans were scumbags and we as an audience could empathize with the 'savage' orcs?

    Instead, they tried to cram in a story that required intricate knowledge of Azeroth lore to really enjoy, which (obviously) fell flat to the wider audience that aren't already WC fanboys like me.

      Because that's not what people want from a warcraft movie? People want a movie about the Warcraft universe to be about the Warcraft universe. Not some 5 minute short you dreamed up in your head.

      And the movie did not fall flat worldwide. It did gangbusters in the asian audience. It made billions of dollars mainly thanks to china. The movie was great and exactly what i wanted from a warcraft movie.

      The equivalent to what you suggest would be someone saying "Why did they bother making a Lord of The Rings movie based on the books? They should have just made an hour long fight between humans and orcs! Why do orcs have to be the bad guys? Why cant we have an LOTR movie where Sauron is the good guy!"

      Your suggestion is nonsensical and would have bombed worldwide in the cinemas.

        Well, his suggestion is the origin for Thrall. He isn't making it up. http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Thrall

        Personally I find the 1st war boring and would have preferred an adaptation of W3. Arthas/ LK is the only reason I ever played WoW.

        You're absolutely right. There isn't enough plot there to support a real story.

        Except, you know, it was very nearly a game that was released. And after the game got cancelled, the plot got turned into a novel. And, as dbob pointed out, it's the origin story for one of the Warcraft universe's most popular characters.

        My opening sentence pointed out that it was the plot of Lord of the Clans. I also mentioned I was a full Warcraft fanboy. So maybe next time do a bit of research and think a bit before you open your mouth and make yourself look like an idiot.

    I love the Warcraft movie, and I'm a 13 year WoW vet. Realise as with any video game film it's never going to be the video game and you need to temper your expectations from a different medium, as with comics to film. It's just really solid fun. The CGI/mocap on the Orcs is just amazing. And their rendition of Gul'dan is one of my favorites. Daniel Wu just oozed menace. I'm just sad we'll probably never see a follow up.

    Many years ago they put all the Starcraft cinematics on one DVD, in poor quality with scan lines. It was the worst quality movie I had seen in a while and I was very disappointed with Blizzard.

    I don't know if the quality was due to a local production house, or whether Blizzard did not care about their fans outside of the USA.

    If they do make a movie, I'd want to preview it first to see if the quality was good, before buying it.

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