Robert Yang’s Erotic AFL Game, Ruck Me, Will Be Playable From Tonight

Robert Yang’s Erotic AFL Game, Ruck Me, Will Be Playable From Tonight

If the idea of an erotic AFL game sounds appealing to you, or just really funny, you’ll be able to play it from tonight (but only in Melbourne).

Bar SK, which commissioned game developer Robert Yang to create a homoerotic game based on the Australian sport, will be showing off Ruck Me from 6:00 PM tonight. The developer will also be holding a Q&A from 8:00 PM.

As we reported earlier, Ruck Me is part of the Artworld Videogames event series, where different aspects of games will be shown off across Bar SK, RMIT and ACMI over the next week.

Someone's Making An Erotic AFL Game

There's no doubt that AFL is an intense sport. high leaps, lots of bodies coming together, constant grappling, and plenty of running. Of course, that's not the direction developer Robert Yang is taking.

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Yang wrote on his blog earlier this month that Ruck Me was inspired a little by the VCR Quarterback board game, while also trying to play on the presentation and framing of sports broadcasts. “Ruck Me tries to meld this tradition with contemporary sensibilities, to make what’s essentially a more complicated VCR Quarterback style game, except for the AFL instead of the NFL. It also tries to fuck with this tradition,” Yang said.

Of course, this is also still a Robert Yang game. So naturally, the controller is a little provocative:

You can view the exhibition at Bar SK from August 9 to 15, with a special “Robert Yang Masterclass” taking place at ACMI on August 15. More details about the Artowrld Videogames exhibition can be found on the Bar SK site, and here’s directions so you don’t get lost. Yang says it’s likely that Ruck Me won’t be made available for download once the exhibition ends, so if you’re in town, go check it out.


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