RTX Sydney Will Be Replaced With Three ‘Stage Shows’ From 2019

RTX Sydney Will Be Replaced With Three ‘Stage Shows’ From 2019

Image: Richard Ethrington

If you were looking forward to another grand RTX convention in Sydney next year, there’s been a change of plans.

The head of Rooster Teeth events, Bethany Feinstein, has announced that the company will be holding three “stage shows” in Australia next year instead of “the standard RTX event”. The decision was reportedly made “based on feedback from our community”, and the stage shows will take place across multiple cities.

The full notice is below:

Traveling our company to Australia every year is a massive endeavor for Rooster Teeth, and one that we always look forward to. However, we can only manage one big event in Australia each year, and based on feedback from our community we’ve decided to change things up in 2019.

Rather than the standard RTX event, we’ll be sending Achievement Hunter and friends down under to put on three amazing stage shows in a few different cities. We can’t wait to show you what these guys have planned, and we’ll be announcing dates and venues very soon!

Stay tuned for how and where to buy tickets in the coming weeks. We can’t wait to see you again in Australia in 2019!

RTX Sydney has vastly improved since its inaugural iteration – RTX Australia – at Redfern’s Australian Technology Park in 2016. Since then, it’s been held at Sydney’s International Convention Centre in the city’s Darling Harbour.


  • By live show, they mean Let’s Play Live, a stage performance featuring a majority of the Let’s Play family on YouTube (Kinda Funny, AH, Funhaus, Game Attack, etc.) Of all the videos I’ve seen, it should be a blast and hopefully they can get the full cast out for it and maybe a few big guests.

    Anyway, I’m all for it. I’ve been to every RTX Aus/Sydney so far and it’s been fun watching it grow and evolve from those early ‘no aircon’ days a few years ago. Still, this year felt like it hadn’t brought in everything they may have wanted. It’s a logistical nightmare, and a lot of the talent is involved in so many things back home that I’m surprised they could make it out in the first place.

    I’d imagine Sydney and Melbourne being two of the locations, then. They both make sense. But after that I hope either Perth or Adelaide, at least something out this way would be nice and far more affordable for those of us who have travelled east each time.

    • I actually spoke to Burnie Burns when they came for the first PAX Aus and specifically thanked him for making time to send people to Perth conventions, he said “I love Perth because you guys constantly talk about how shitty your city is (which he also said he doesn’t understand why we hate Perth so much) and because of that you treat us so nicely”.

      They would definitely be aware of the fanbase on the other side of the country so i would most likely bet it’d be Sydney, Melbourne and Perth as the places to go.

  • This seems a lot better, there’s already enough pop culture conventions in Australia, and RTX always seemed more like a very focused Supanova.

    The live shows look like fun, but since they’ve never brought them over here and they don’t record them i’ve always felt left out, but if there’s a show in Perth then for sure i’ll go.

    • It all depends on the cost, I guess. If it isn’t too much and maybe there’s a few minor events or catch-ups before hand or afterward … I mean either way I’m going :p

  • This is great. I LOVE RTX, but the last one was quite disappointing. The convention itself was fine, but the panels (which is what the majority of fans go to I would believe) were set up terribly. Very few seats, all in the main hall, which meant if you did not get near the stage, you could barely hear and very, very few panels (only two at the same time minus VIP only ones). Compared to 2017, it was disappointing. I have heard they had trouble with the convention center, so they had less rooms to host panels. But I only saw 2-3 panels, as the rest I could barely hear what was going on. And normally hall panels work, 2017 they worked fine. But when there was only two, the crowd was always at one or the other, so there was rarely a break of people (while normally people will split to other panels, stalls, lunch or etc, so the Hall panels would have people, but room to move close enough to hear).

    Still had a fun time, but I was disappointed since 2017 was literally perfect. A bad year, but a break could be good and Let’s Play Live sounds awesome! Only heard great things from the American tours, so an Australian one sounds perfect! Plus it will help us no Sydney people who normally travel to experience RTX to take a break 😀

  • If RT brings Let’s Play live to Melbourne, 1: I will cry, and 2: they said on the RTX Austin Achievement Hunter panel that they were bringing AH to Aus again – I’ve already asked my mother if we can go, and she said yes, so expect me to buy tickets as soon as they’re up.

    I just hope they pick a disability-friendly venue, I went to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center for PAX and that was pretty good, but I imagine they’ll want something bigger.

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