Yesterday's game did feature a mask - but it was really half a face from X-COM Apocalypse, the third in the turn-based series from MicroProse in the '90s.

Let's see how you go with today's game.

Good luck!


    Looks like the pipes in the MasterSystem light phasers game, Shooting Gallery, to me.

    The Incredible Machine

      That's was my first thought as well.

      Which probably means its wrong :p

    Dangnammit I felt like yesterday's was from an XCOM game but I only looked at UFO and TFTD... Which is kind of stupid since Apocalypse is my second favourite in the series after TFTD.

    As or today's it might be Macaroni's Pasta Adventures. Seriously though I'm getting an Incredible Machine type vibe from it.

    Fantastic Contraption

    These are tubes. Tubes from the Hunt for Red October.

      I think you'll find that they're dials from Patriot Games.

        Fool, Patriot Games is a movie. God lawl.

          I have shamed myself. Despite the clear and present danger, I have recruited shadows to taunt me and brought to pass the sum of all my fears.

    Slinky Breeding Simulator - Battle for the Stairs

    Hogan's Alley - NES
    (the tin can shooting area)

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