Destiny Gun Looks Like The Real Deal

Impact Props, the same team responsible for Nathan Fillion’s personal sidearm, have since made a replica Ace of Spades that looks as realistic as a fake Destiny weapon could possibly look.

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I’m coming home, Ace.

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It’s an ornamental thing, so it doesn’t do things like fire pellets, but the cylinder does spin if you like to play space cowboy in photo shoots.

The rifling in the chamber is a very nice touch.

You can see more of Impact’s replica work at their Instagram and company pages.


    Man that looks incredible, I would love one personally for my gaming room.

    Would most likely be illegal in Australia due to it looking too much like a real firearm and not having a stupid orange plug

    This is unrelated to the article, but just installed ad blocker because of the fcn annoying mid text video adds and there are 23 blocks on this page alone, seriously Kotaku?!

      They don't care, it's been going on for I can't remember how many months.

        I don't mind adds as long as they don't affect me reading an article mid paragraph! Thank god for ad blockers though.

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