One Small Musical Touch Makes Spider-Man Feel More Glorious

One Small Musical Touch Makes Spider-Man Feel More Glorious

One of my favourite things about Spider-Man isn’t the scope or the scale—it’s a little musical touch that I’ll bet took a lot of time to get right.

You see, whenever you’re perched on a roof or ledge in the new superhero game, which comes out tomorrow for PS4, you’ll start off in complete silence. Then, once you jump into the air and begin swinging from building to building, the music will swell, dynamically weaving in and out as you start and stop swinging.

Here, check it out:

This one tiny flourish has a massive impact, making it feel like you’re entering a superhero movie every time you start moving. It’s the type of thing you might not even think about, but it’s just as important to the overall sensation as the way Spider-Man’s webs look or feel. And it’s just one reason this game is so great.


  • That’s similar to a touch I’ve liked in SMT: Strange Journey Redux. When you start a battle the music will be quiet and pensive during the action select screen (where you decide if you’ll attack, retreat, etc.) then if you choose to attack the music will surge and become fully dramatic battle music. If you then choose to talk to a demon though the music will quiet back down to the pensive and muted tune while you converse with them.

  • Reminds me of Remember Me, when Nilin would build up combos in combat, the music would develop from a kind of bare-bones rhythm into a full, pounding beat with electronic flourishes. Rather cool.

    Here’s an example:

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