Nicely done James - yesterday's game was The Witness. One of the more frustrating puzzlers for many, but rewarding nonetheless.

Good luck with today's game!


    Argh. This is one of those ones where it's super familiar but I can't place it.

      For me, it's either that, or no friggin' clue. Usually the latter =P

    Looks like a card counter when making a Hearthstone deck. However it's off a little bit - should have a space for 0 and in place of 8 should be 7+.

    Resident Evil 3? Or is that too many columns for the puzzle I'm thinking of


    This would have to be the Hearthstone deck mana spread, yeah?

    I'm getting a more economy based game vibe, like railway tycoon

    It's Hearthstone. The bars are the number of copies of cards in your deck that cost the value listed up the top.

    Flek is right - this isn't Hearthstone. Keep trying!

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