Super Mario Party Has Some Odd Mini-Games

Super Mario Party Has Some Odd Mini-Games

Over the weekend, Nintendo unveiled the full list of mini-games in Super Mario Party. Some of them have stranger themes than others.

The mini-games were listed on Nintendo’s Japanese site, and because of how the site is designed Google can’t translate the names of each of the games. So I’ve come up with some of my own. (The descriptions are unaffected though.)

Arse Punching

Penguin Kidnapping

A game about rounding up poor child penguins, lost and alone. Mario Party really is a brutal world.

Fruit Stabbing

A rhythm game about stabbing fruit at the right time. Everyone gets slightly different timings after the first round. Why this is a thing on top of all the other rhythm games that are already in Super Mario Party befuddles me, but whatever.

Rhythm Baseball

Case in point: same game as above. But it’s baseball, so it’s instantly better than piercing fruit.

Aggressive Selfie Game

Where you pretend to be the average Sydney morning commuter, elbowing other people out of the way, but you’re actually happy about it.

Window Scrubbing

Ahh, House Work: The Mini Game.

The Steak Game

This mini-game is actually awesome, but the way Chrome advertises it is a bit too funny.

Popcorn Collecting

Times are tough in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Watch Waluigi Hump A Pole

Can never accuse Waluigi of not putting his back (or knees) into it.

Staff Breakfast

Where everyone goes for the pancakes and only one person actually gets the amount of pancakes that they want.

Fuck The Drought

A game where everyone tries to waste as much water as they can before watering the flower.

You Broke Your Camera Lens: The Mini-Game

What happens when you drop a nice camera lens and have to fuck around with the manual focus because you can’t afford to have it fixed.

Creeper Simulator

How many times can you touch a creature when they’re sleeping without waking them up?

Find The Large And Fast Vibration

Mario Tennis: Beat The Bachelor

Would have made for interesting Mario Tennis Aces DLC, that’s for sure.

There’s a ton of other mini-games, including another 40 rhythm games, but those are the ones that stood out the most. We’ll find out how they all actually play on October 5, when Super Mario Party launches on the Switch. Personally, I can’t wait to Punch the Butt.


  • Does this game include button mashing/destroying minigames or the ‘rotate the joystick 100 times in under a minute’ games that ruin controllers? Because they are expensive.

  • So many Super Mario Party minigames I think the minigame with the popcorn has to be my favourite along with some pancakes and some steak. But F*** the drought watch your language Kotaku I don’t want to see you guys writing filthy language for the name of a Mario Party minigame because it could cause little kiddies to swear. But still I’m looking forward to getting my hands on Super Mario Party when it comes out next month.
    But please Kotaku no filthy language for a Mario Party minigame otherwise you guys are not invited to play Super Mario Party.

    • No cursing? Have you played a game of Mario Party with other people before? That’s basically the default every time a star gets stolen.

      • Alex, James Thornton is clearly a bot which exclusively replies to nintendo stories.

        I’d like to talk with the creator because it’s a fairly interesting one, and i have no idea why it exists.

        • The account often replies to non-Nintendo articles; I’m looking at the post history right now. Most of them are Nintendo related, though, although there’s a few that have no connection whatsoever.

          That would be an amazing meta-article though, even if it was just “HEY CMON I AM A REAL PERSON”.

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