The PlayStation Classic Compared With The Original PlayStation 

Photo: Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku

The recently announced PlayStation Classic is small. But how does it look side by side with the original? Like this!

Both consoles are on display at Sony’s Tokyo Game Show booth.

Photo: Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku

The PlayStation Classic sure is small!

Photo: Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku

Even the Classic’s box is a throwback to the original with added “PlayStation Classic” written in Japanese.

Photo: Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku

As Kotaku previously reported, the PlayStation Classic will include two original PS1 controllers and a HDMI cable, and cost $149.99 when released this December.


    I really hope the controller cables are not that short in the final product. If you lined up two controllers side by side the cable wouldn't even reach from one end to the other. The NES Classic controller cables look like monsters compared to those.

      I think that's just for display purposes. The actual PS1 controller cords were certainly longer than that one on the right.

        I was gonna say - I remember being able to sit further away from my TV back in the 90s!

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