Women's Day Has A Fortnite Guide

Image: Mark Serrels/Supplied

And in "Things I Never Expected To See This Week" we have Women's Day doing Fortnite guides.

The 14-page liftout — thanks Serrels for the photo! — is attached to today's Women's Day, and is largely targeted as an educational piece for parents, followed by beginners' tips and advice on peripherals.

It's not a sensationalised take on Fortnite, and the second page notes that "parents shouldn't be concerned" about the Epic game. "The game ... teaches players to think, be and be cooperative to achieve their objective," the guide notes.

It's almost like a beginners guide you'd see on GameFAQS. The tips are straightforward — build cover, stand still before shooting, get to high ground, don't burn too many resources early on, watch streams and YouTube videos for advice — and there's some lists on preferred headphones and controllers later in the guide.

After the recent mainstream coverage of Fortnite on 60 Minutes, A Current Affair and other daytime TV, it's kind of interesting to see the national institution that is Women's Day with such a ... straightforward approach to a popular video game.

Maybe times really are changing.

Thanks to Serrels for the feature photo.


    50 tips? You only need one. "Git gud." Or so I seem to be told often for pretty much every game ever.

      You could add the 49 most triggering insults to use on voice chat.

    It's school holidays, absolute perfect time to put it in there really.

    The best part is how often the article highlights just how much Mark likes his Woman's Day magazines.................... :D

      I respect this, nothing like chuckling at some celebrity gossip while e.g. taking a break from being tilted at a loss streak.

    I really like this, it almost seems like a tool for female parental figures (mothers, aunts, nans) to connect with their little ones. Life needs more things like this.

      Or more likely, just a cash grab.

        Hey, if their cash grab means that some parent out there can have a closer relationship with their kid then I am all for it.

          It's a good outcome in that regard agreed, but it's naive to think this was their primary driver for doing so. If that was the case, where are all the other articles to help navigate and share in your child's interests?

          Perhaps taking an interest, talking and sharing experiences with your kids is still the best way to develop a relationship?

    I like how a gossip magazine is more objective around video games than Australian mainstream television news

    There must not be much happening with the royal family lately.

      There doesnt need to be anything happening. They cant just make something up.

      99% of Womens day content is ACTUAL fake news.

        Fuck me, I knew there was something suspicious about that no-bake lemon tart recipe.

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