Women’s Day Has A Fortnite Guide

And in “Things I Never Expected To See This Week” we have Women’s Day doing Fortnite guides.

The 14-page liftout — thanks Serrels for the photo! — is attached to today’s Women’s Day, and is largely targeted as an educational piece for parents, followed by beginners’ tips and advice on peripherals.

It’s not a sensationalised take on Fortnite, and the second page notes that “parents shouldn’t be concerned” about the Epic game. “The game … teaches players to think, be and be cooperative to achieve their objective,” the guide notes.

It’s almost like a beginners guide you’d see on GameFAQS. The tips are straightforward — build cover, stand still before shooting, get to high ground, don’t burn too many resources early on, watch streams and YouTube videos for advice — and there’s some lists on preferred headphones and controllers later in the guide.

After the recent mainstream coverage of Fortnite on 60 Minutes, A Current Affair and other daytime TV, it’s kind of interesting to see the national institution that is Women’s Day with such a … straightforward approach to a popular video game.

Maybe times really are changing.

Thanks to Serrels for the feature photo.

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