Pokémon Go Doesn't Want You Playing Outside During Typhoons

Screenshot: chivic156,Screenshot: soramamepippi

This weekend, a typhoon hit Japan. Pokémon Go players noticed something: a warning system.

Players were alerted of rain and strong winds. These warnings, however, aren’t new and have been appearing over the past few months. Guess some folks are just noticing!

The above tweet pointing out the warning system this weekend went viral.

Here is the warning message in English.

In-game, it was raining as well.


    So they don't stop them from spawning, they just say 'hey maybe you shouldn't' and then still dangle them in front of you anyway. How thoughtful.

    This has been around since the weather system launch. Initially extreme weather would disable spawns, however that annoyed a lot of people as it was too sensitive. For example, someone 30km away from a bush fire that was under control would get the hazard warning and no spawns.

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