Pokemon Go Finally Gets Gen 4 Pokemon

Fans of Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl, now is your time to shine.

The awaited launch of Sinnoh-region Pokemon has been expected for a little while now, and overnight Niantic announced that the gen 4 critters would finally be making their entrance in the AR game.

If you're struggling to remember what Pokemon that actually means, here's the cliff's notes: two new Eevee evolutions (hello Leafeon), the incredibly cool Luxray, and the Pokemon that's based off the Egyptian god of death, Lucario.

Niantic also announced some quality-of-life changes in a blog post, including more variety of Pokemon appearing in a given area and more varied species in particular spaces like nature reserves and parks.

Most Pokemon's defence values have been nerfed as well, helping lower "the gap between Pokemon with the highest defensive stats and other Pokemon". Stamina values have been adjusted too, allowing players to try and defeat high-defence Pokemon by outlasting them in battle.


    Glaceon, best Eeveelution!

      I logged in to downvote you for this clearly incorrect claim.

      If it's any consolation though, I did have to scroll through a wall of advertisements twice to do so. I think you came out on top in this exchange...

        Cheers Nexi, I'll log in and down vote something I disagree with you on next time you post something too!

    I was asking the same question lately. Since launch we now have 3 times the amount of Pokemon, but still the same amount of spawns. should there be 3 times as many Pokemon spawning in the world, rather than reducing the chance by having 3 times take up the same amount.
    eg. say there are 100 spawn locations in the game with 255 gen 1 pokemon you have a 1 in 2.5 chance at catching them all.
    with gen 3 (and soon 4) and 100 spawn locations it changes to 1 in 7.6 (10.2) chance, which is bad.
    With each addition of a generation the spawns should double otherwise the player will only ever see a small percentage of the available catches/mon's.

      At the moment it does work a bit like you mentioned, 3 gens but no extra spawns, so some Pokemon that probably should be common are quite rare.

      Updates over time have helped the issue a little (seasonal events that change spawns completely, trading, community days, etc) but with more Pokemon being added the problem will continue.

      This update does mention more variations in spawns though - particularly for parks and nature reserves - so hopefully that will fix some things too.

    32. there was 32 ads between the end of the article and the comment section! Fix this now kotaku

      Get ad blocker, I have an ad blocker app specifically for this site litteraly not a single ad from the article to the comments section.

        Jesus christ, I just turned my add blocker off to see what agent of evil was seeing. Holy ass monkey this site is aids without it.

    inb4 'lol do people still play this'

      I mean it's only the 4th highest grossing game on the Oz Google Play store... So obviously no one does, right?

    dammit. I was enjoying "Original pokemon" month. I almost caught the all. 152+ don't matter to me.

      152 original Pokemon?

        Sorry, number 152 and beyond. So #1 to Mewtwo are all I care about.

          Yeah makes sense, I just read your comment again lol. Have a top day.

    So no word on when the gen is actually being released?

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