Sif Is Cute In Dark Souls, Is Even Cuter In Animation

Image: From Software, Dark Souls Wiki

Dark Souls players know to respect Sif. After all, he carries a massive sword in his mouth and the mournful tale of his friend Artorias in his heart. But he's also a big furry wolf who is extremely heckin' cute.

Anna Piwońska's short, but incredible, hand-drawn animation of Sif's initial appearance in Dark Souls really hammers home how excellent Sif is as a creature. He's loyal! He howls! He's a giant (tiny) wolf with a sword! What's not to love?

Sif doesn't want to have to kick the player's arse, but once you show up in the sword garden, there's just not a lot of options available for everyone. I love that the animation captures everything excellent and cute about Sif in five seconds, and I hope that we get to see some other cute-ified Dark Souls creatures.

And, of course, if you haven't seen it and you're not afraid of spoilers, here's Sif's introduction in the Dark Souls game.


    I know it's not explicitly stated, but I don't know of many people who talk of sif as a boye.

      The name confuses it a bit, but Sif is canonically male. (I only learned that this week thanks to a Vaati video on the matter.)

        Oh really! I need to check that video out, didn't know there was canon on it...

        Weird name choice then.

          Oh it's not a video explicitly about that, but rather Sif and Artorias in general. It's just that Vaati always used 'he' when referring to Sif so I did some checking and discovered that apparently that's how he's referred to in the official strategy guide.

            which could well be a mistranslation. wouldn't exactly be the first localisation issue we've seen. "lost the annals""lost to the annals" was a thing I've noticed popped up and around until people who could read japanese were able to correct that misconception.

            I'm not fussed either way though. in saying that Sif was a norse goddess which is why most default to female terms if they are at least somewhat familiar with norse myth.

            I wouldn't take the official guide as canon, the 'official' part just means it's authorised. Gender is often assumed/implied when translating Japanese to English pronouns as well because it's not often explicit.

            I'm pretty sure there's no canon material one way or the other, but it helps that the Nordic mythological figure Sif is female.

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