Smash Bros. Fan Creates 8-Player GameCube Controller Adaptor

Smash Bros. Fan Creates 8-Player GameCube Controller Adaptor

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a little over a month away, and many die hard fans are set on playing it with a GameCube controller. The retro hardware’s hold on Smash Bros. players’ imagination is so intense Nintendo’s even started manufacturing them again.

But the game features up to eight player local multiplayer, so one enterprising fan decided to create a custom adaptor for up to eight GameCube controllers to work on the Switch at once.

Smash Bros. Wii U had eight person multiplayer as well, but since Wii Remotes and Pro Controllers are wireless, getting them all hooked up at once was never an issue. GameCube controllers, although supported on both the current and upcoming Smash Bros. games, use cords with Gamecube connectors on the end, complicating matters.

There are adaptors, but they only come with four ports each, which is why Imgur user 10000ukuleles took it upon themselves to do a little 3D printing and create a mega GameCube controller adaptor for the Switch.

It’s simple in theory and elegant in execution. Outlining all of their steps with pictures, 10000ukuleles explained in an Imgur post over the weekend (via GoNintendo) how they went about making an adaptor to allow up to eight people play Smash Bros. with GameCube controllers at once.

A simple black shell encases two official Nintendo Wii U GameCube controller adapters (the Switch ones won’t be released until November 2) and a powered USB hub with only one outgoing connection.

The off-the-shelf products didn’t need to be changed much beyond cutting, clipping, and soldering the wires in order to shorten the cables so everything can fit neatly inside the custom case.

Otherwise, it’s just the internal guts of two existing adapters (which go for about $US20 ($28) each) reinstalled in a bigger housing and connected to a shared USB hub that can carry all of the signals, including both from regular GameCube controllers and wireless Wavebirds, to the console.

Unlike a lot of DIY Switch projects, this one seems both doable and especially useful, given that, up until now at least, Nintendo hasn’t announced an eight-port GameCube controller hub.

10000ukuleles said in their post that the results have been great so far with the Wii U version of the game. Though they imagine it will work just as well with the Switch version, it’s too early to know for sure.

This is Nintendo, after all – voltages could differ or some other complicating factors might get in the way – so it’s probably best to wait before going to all this trouble if you, like 10000ukuleles, are determined to have the biggest and most retro Smash Bros. Ultimate multiplayer experience.

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