Well, You Don’t See That Very Often

Well, You Don’t See That Very Often
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In fighting game competition, there are supposed to be winners and losers. Players are either one or the other once a match has concluded. But sometimes, the fates like to throw a wrench in that rigid dichotomy with the anticlimactic and almost unheard of draw game.

At last night’s Next Level Battle Circuit, local competitors players Chris “Kreymore” Landon and Alexander “Lexx” Bautista met in an early-bracket Street Fighter V match, trading two games before starting a third to decide the winner of their set.

Kreymore found himself on the wrong end of a slight life deficit and, with just 30 in-game seconds to go, began playing conservatively to avoid taking another hit. He was eventually able to whittle away Lexx’s health with stray hits from Menat’s orb, and with time expiring, both players were left with matching, near-empty lifebars.

In this situation, Street Fighter V gives both players a point for the round, but seeing as they were in the final round, this ended their game with a 2-2 score, thus prompting the rare ‘Draw Game’ graphic.

Fortunately, this bizarre and unlikely situation had an obvious solution: the competitors simply jumped into another game to decide the winner while the commentary team laughed it off.


  • It’s not THAT unusual, draws can happen in fighting games and are bound to happen occasionally especially with so many matches being played.

    The ending of that match kinda highlights what I don’t really like about Street Fighter though, and it’s a problem that spans back to Street Fighter II Turbo – how easily it can just evolve into projectile spam. The Street Fighter 3 and 4 series weren’t too bad admittedly, but 5 goes back to those same problems that plagued most of the 2 and alpha series.

    Some characters are built around zoning – yes, that’s a thing, but this isn’t zoning, this is 2 players just spamming out projectile moves and trying to brute force a win by hoping something hits. I’ve seen a lot of Street Fighter matches devolve into this kind of thing…maybe not to this extreme but it still happens very frequently.

    • Yeah. For a rush down or grappler character (i guess, don’t play grapplers) it can be quite the task getting past the fireball spam.

  • Guile sucks to play against comeptitively.
    I want SFV to be worthy of epic matches as per that certain Third Strike vid, but it’s just not in its DNA.

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