What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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As it stands, a good chunk of the country is experiencing wet, grey, cold, miserable weather. Another way of looking at it: it's the perfect weekend for video games.

There's so much to play and catch up on already. I'll probably still be working a fraction: testing the RTX graphics cards isn't something I can exclusively concentrate on without looking after the website usually, so it's taken substantially longer than I would have liked.

But on the plus side, holy shit am I keen to spend some time with Forza Horizon 4 and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. I've a sneaking suspicion I'll end up liking Forza more than Lara's latest adventure, but we'll see how that goes.

I should also get to the Switch-exclusive chapter of The World Ends With You, which I'll be talking a little more about today now that the embargo's lifted.

What are you playing this weekend?


    More Persona 5. I think I might be about halfway through now, so hopefully I'll get to the end at some point before I die.

    Origins. And maybe some Kill Team if I can finish painting my Orks.

    I'm playing clean the garage and sell all of the things! Anyone need a table saw? It's not moving to the goldcoast with me.

    Also playing replace the suspension bushings in the mr2, a feat which will definitely involve the hydraulic press and probably involve fire.

    And hopefully some drunk Mario party to top it all off.

    Assassin's Creed Odyssy. Enjoying it so far though in some ways it's a step down from Origins. I miss having different bow types for example.

      I miss the crazy perks you could see in Origins. I played most of that game with a loadout that gave me 400% damage and 25% HP - it felt like an old AC, just with a better, less forgiving combat system - it was great. Haven't seen anything beyond "+5% to X damage type" thus far in Odyssey, and things are definitely starting to feel extremely spongey.

      Then again, I'm only level 14, so maybe it gets a bit crazier later on.

    AC Odyssey, followed by some AC Odyssey, and then maybe some AC Odyssey.

    Actually probably won't get to do much of that this weekend, bloomin' other things are cropping up. Towards Xmas there's always too much other events popping up stealing away precious gaming time :(

    Probably some more Friday the 13th. What a pleasant surprise, nailed the vibe of the films. Gameplay is janky but fun. Playing as Jason is where is at & those execution kills, whoo-boy!. Well done PS+

    Going to visit my mate in Canberra this weekend, so probably some Dungeon Travelers 2 on Vita and some PS4 games with my mate, maybe some VR.

    Shadow of The Tomb Raider. Very pretty.

    Making my way through the final master and Wily stages of Mega Man 11 assuming I don't get frustrated and rage quit. It feels like they took all of the cheap difficulty tricks from the original games and put them into the one game. I've never been this relieved to see the Wily doors at the end of a level. At least I haven't seen any disappearing blocks yet.

    The most frustrating part though is the input eating bug where trying to jump within a few frames of turning or shooting means the jump gets eaten and those are two of the most frequent actions in the game. Simultaneously jumping and shooting is fine, it's just if there's a frame gap that it gets eaten. Died more than a few times to it.

    After that I'll either be getting into Dead Cells or Mark Of The Ninja.

    Probably a lot of Maple Story 2. It's surprisingly fun and adorable.

    Astro Bot Rescue Mission.

    Never has a game that sounds this much like a terrible facebook or mobile game been so good.

    Clearing up the last side missions & end-game activities in Octopath - 85 hours in & it still throws a few curveballs now & then! Great game if you like jrpgs & can tolerate the admittedly slow first chapter(s) & (somewhat baffling) inability to stop random battles (at least until end-game).

    Really looking forward to getting properly stuck into Hollow Knight when done!

    Picked up Firewall on sale, time to get wrecked, in VR! I'll be putting as much time into AC Odyssey as I can but I might at least start Forza Horizon 4 to appreciate some non Odyssey eye candy.

    Just staryed playing; Hellblade - senua's sacrifice. Not far into it but I think it's game of the year for me. It's brilliant.

      I was thinking of getting it myself. Glad you’re enjoying it!

    I'm in Melbs, so I'll be enjoying the glorious weatweatherbweatherby playing Guacamelee outside on the Switch.

    Forza 4. And probably a bit of Tomb Raider. And some Destiny 2 if the clan are about.

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