The Great Emu War Is Now A Couch Co-op Game

We like to think of ourselves as a beloved race of people. And mostly, we are. But the internet also knows all too well that Australia is the race of people who fought a war against emus and lost. So naturally, that makes for a great couch co-op game.

The Great Emu War is far from the first video game translation of our national failure to beat a bunch of pissed off birds with machineguns - HyperTurbo Great Emu War 1932 came out earlier this year - but Suspicious Box's creation is a more polished, multiplayer affair.

Designed for two to four players, The Great Emu War splits players into teams of emus and humans. The emus have to roam around and trample the humans' crops, while humans drive around in a "battle truck" to whittle the national coat of arms down to size.

I just love the way those chooks look like in the intro. Even the shitty Australian accents are putting a smile on my face.

The Great Emu War, which is being made by a bunch of students from the University of Central Florida, is due out on Steam next month. You can find out more info here.


    our national failure to beat a bunch of pissed off birds with machinegunsWell that's why we lost, the birds had machine guns.

      You're going to love tomorrow's content then

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