Some Chats About Loot Boxes And Writing About Games

I had some chats with some fine people about the federal loot box inquiry and what it's like to write about games for a living. Both of those podcasts went online recently, and I figured you might want to have a listen.

We'll start in reverse order, starting with the Game On Australia podcast. I dialled in for a chat with Pete and Dan earlier this year, giving them the lowdown from Gamescom, and they called me up for a chat recently to talk through the recommendation from the federal inquiry into microtransactions.

You can listen to that episode directly below, or through iTunes here.

I also had a lengthy chat with Jono Pech, the man behind the Puttin' In Work podcast. That took place at PAX Australia this year, and we spoke about games journalism more broadly, the ins and outs of what my day looks like, and general musings about being in media. It's more of an inside baseball chat, which isn't for everyone, but if you'd like to know what a regular day looks like on Kotaku, you can listen to that below.

The rest of the Puttin' In Work episodes, which include chats with voice actors, developers, writers and artists, can be found on the official site.


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