The Director Of Your Name Announces His Next Anime Masterpiece

The Director Of Your Name Announces His Next Anime Masterpiece
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2016’s Your Name is not only the most successful anime film in history, it also cemented director Makoto Shinkai as one of the greats in modern-day anime.

Now, Shinkai has finally announced his long-awaited follow up to his iconic anime. And yes, it is being released internationally.

According to Anime News Network, CoMix Wave Films has announced that Shinkai’s next film will be Weather Girl: Weathering With You (or Tenki no Ko in Japanese), set to be released in Japan next winter.

Shinkai discussed his upcoming film at a press conference, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter, sharing what sounds like a film that could be as emotionally engaging and complex as Your Name.

“I’ve been working on creating a very real entertainment piece that will make you laugh, cry, and say, ‘It’s so thrilling,’ as well as arouse your intellectual curiosity,” Shinkai said. “I have used the weather as it is a familiar topic to everybody.”

The plot’s description (translated by Anime News Network) says the film is about a high schooler named Hodaka (Daigo Kotaro) who moves to Tokyo and gets a job working for a “shady occult magazine.” As he adjusts to big city life, he notices that the city has been raining for days and days. That’s when he meets Hina (Nana Mori), a young woman with the ability to stop the rain.

Weather Girl will be released in Japan on July 19, 2019. No official word on an American release date, but Shinkai did confirm at a press conference that there are plans to release it internationally, including in North America.

In the meantime, there’s still J.J. Abram’s forthcoming live-action adaptation of Your Name, though we haven’t heard much about it since it was first announced in September 2017.


  • I wish I understood what it was about Shinkai’s stuff that people liked. I still think his best work is She And Her Cat.

    Every movie of his I’ve seen has the same issues with pacing, and he always uses the same two characters as his leads. It’s just… not my thing, I guess.

  • Boy, this film has got some big expectations to live up to. ‘Your Name’ is the very definition of “a tough act to follow”. I’m sure it’ll be good regardless.

      • I watch a lot of anime but, I don’t typically pay attention the anime news as it were. I watch particluar ones, find the community and learn about others from there. apparently in english speaking countries the movie doesn’t have a universal appeal. who would have thought?

          • As I said I pay attention to particular communities. as for Kotaku, I usually just look for game related things. Sometimes I look anime stuff like today other days I ignore it. It’s pretty easy to not know about something when it’s not news that’s interesting to me. then again maybe I had heard about the movie but, the premise being done to death elswhere didn’t capture my attention enough to follow up on it.

        • That’s more because the US release was a botch job though. Funimation got their hands on it so the dub is craptastic and it took the better part of a year to be released.

    • That did strike me as incredibly presumptuous. Its like how every Disney film was being called a ‘Disney Classic’ at release.

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