Three Minutes Of Insanity From Kingdom Hearts 3

The amount of stuff in this game seems beyond ridiculous.

In the space of three and a half minutes, Kingdom Hearts 3 shows: a battle move involving a giant frying pan, spinning around a room with a bunch of pudding stacked atop each other, a first-person shooter element, battling underwater, fighting off hundreds of characters, Donald Duck passing out, Tigger being Tigger, Remy from Ratatouille, breakdancing on a barrel, and a Skrillex song.

Riku also appears as a playable character, which fans of the series will no doubt appreciate.

How many hours do I need to have put into Kingdom Hearts to get what's going on with Kingdom Hearts 3 again?

Those cut scenes look fantastic, mind you. Kingdom Hearts 3 is due for release on January 25, although with the game having leaked six weeks early, you might want to be on guard for spoilers.

Update: Donald Duck, not Daffy as was originally written. Please honk appropriately in the comments.


    Honestly, if SE don't release an official recap video on YouTube (and probably include it on the disc too for that matter) in the weeks leading up to the launch, I will eat my replica keyblade keyring.

    Btw the game releases worldwide on the 29th. The japanese release is the 25th... wish it was the 25th though for everyone

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