YouTuber Really Shows Off Fallout 3's Wasteland

YouTuber Shesez’s show Boundary Break is always a treat, but the most recent episode on Fallout 3 is chock full of weird experiments with skyboxes, colours, and minutiae that’s beyond the regular play experience. My favourite part is the wasteland.

The episode moves through a lot of interesting things that you might expect from a Boundary Break episode. We find out that the nuclear explosion you can see from far away is a pseudo-3D texture, we get some information about the protagonist’s unseen mother, and we get a glimpse at the retro Tranquility Lane without its sepia filter.

But what I love the most about the episode is how far host Shesez takes us beyond the boundary of the game map. The lumpy world just keeps trucking on for a long way. It is potential land where something could be and yet nothing is, and the host notes that there’s an even longer piece of extension that was apparently put in the game for testing purposes. That’s the kind of thing I like about these kinds of games: landscapes with nothing in them, forever.

Anyway, the video is worth watching if you enjoy Fallout 3 or freelook cameras.


    Tranquility Lane without its sepia filter looks pretty nice. A HECK of a lot better than the rest of the game. I mean that's not hard to accomplish really but it's still pretty neat.

    This channel is consistently excellent - I love the videos about silent hill, RE, and the souls games.

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