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There's a new episode of Boundary Break, a YouTube series all about showing off the things in games we aren't supposed to see, and it's about Doom. It reveals how silly everything in that game looks when you're not in first-person mode.


Kingdom Hearts II contains dozens of worlds to explore and hundreds of cutscenes to watch. The latest episode of YouTube show Boundary Break sheds light on some of the tricks behind the game's awesome presentation. These include squishing characters' heads and building entire cityscapes that the player never gets to explore.


Most people are pretty familiar with that opening Skyrim scene, when Alduin lays waste to Helgen before the player can be executed. When Alduin lands on the tower and starts breathing fire, your perspective is blurred and forced to the ground.

Which, of course, is just a trick Bethesda uses to stop you from seeing what's really going on.


Ludendorff, North Yankton is where the prologue of Grand Theft Auto V takes place. You're there to steal some cash and then things go sideways, setting in motion the game's main events nine years later. The town is sort of an after thought, in other words, with lots of low-res textures and missing stuff. That's kind of what makes it great though.


Built for speed and not exploration, racing games like Mario Kart like to keep players confined to a set track. Since developers always know what the player will be looking at, it's easier to hide things away, until a YouTuber like Shesez starts using camera tricks to explore beyond track borders.