There’s A Toad In Super Mario Sunshine That Is Trapped Alone Beneath The Map, Forever

There’s A Toad In Super Mario Sunshine That Is Trapped Alone Beneath The Map, Forever

There are a lot of fun characters and enemies in Super Mario Sunshine, which was recently re-released on Switch alongside Mario 64 and Galaxy via the Mario 3D All-Stars collection. But one character, a single yellow Toad, is trapped forever under the map, alone and forgotten.

Boundary Break, the popular YouTube channel that uses camera tools and hacks to explore the worlds of video games, put out a new video today all about Sunshine. In it, we get a cool look at unused assets, items floating out of bounds, and other interesting things.

But the saddest piece of info covered in the video is all about a lone Toad trapped under Delfino Plaza. This only happens in the original GameCube version of Sunshine. During a scene in Delfino Plaza when Bowser Jr. appears with his submarine, a yellow Toad clips through the map as the level is loading. So while everyone else, including Mario, are living their lives and interacting with each other, this lone Toad is trapped forever in the void below the game world.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Boundary Break Screenshot: Nintendo / Boundary Break

Luckily, according to Boundary Break, this issue was fixed in the newest Switch port of the game. But that doesn’t help the original GameCube Toad who still lurks below, longing to see the sun once more.

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