Your Character In Animal Crossing: New Horizons Is Never Nude

Your Character In Animal Crossing: New Horizons Is Never Nude
Screenshot: Nintendo, YouTube

You may not know this about your player character in Animal Crossing, but they will never be naked. Never.

This knowledge comes from a Boundary Break video all about Animal Crossing. Thanks to new tools and a new camera, the channel was able to poke around the popular Switch game more thoroughly and discover some interesting stuff!

For example, inside the Dodo Airport building, there’s an unused, low-poly desk model. This seems to imply that at one point the developers wanted to let players see into the airport while walking around the world, but changed their minds and covered the door with a texture, leaving the desk alone and in the dark.

More interesting and salacious is that all player characters in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are Never Nudes. While normally in-game you can’t remove all of your player’s clothing, thanks to some nifty tools, Boundary Break creator and host Shesez, was able to do exactly that. And hiding underneath are brown pieces of “underwear”

Screenshot: Nintendo, YouTubeScreenshot: Nintendo, YouTube

These appear to be pieces of underwear that are actually painted on to the model’s skin texture. This means you can’t remove them and it seems this was Nintendo’s ultimate backup plan if a player encountered a glitch that removed their clothing. (Which has happened and been documented by players since the game’s release.)

So it turns out there are a lot more than dozens of Never Nudes. There are millions.


  • If it’s part of their skin then doesn’t that make them nude? It’s kind of like Kizuna AI saying her clothes are merely a hologram and therefore she’s always naked.

    The overall thought to take away though is that everyone is naked under their clothes.

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